The Wearers of the Green

Wearers of the Green, 1984

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Film Details

Date 1984
Description 20m 58s, sound, color, with b&w sequences
Producer Lamplighter Films, Barry Braverman '76
Narrator Seaver Peters '54
Screenwriter Debbie Shulins
Music arranger David Gusakov


Short film clips, stills, and interviews are combined in a retrospective of Dartmouth's athletic tradition. The fifth-down Cornell victory/loss in the 1940 Dartmouth football season is featured.

Athletes mentioned are Avery H. Gould '30, Myles Lane '28, John A. Shea '34, Paul Gibbert '36, Dick H. Durrance '39, Bob MacLeod '39, Donald L. Burnham '44, John C. Glover '55, Chick Agaya '57 and William King '63. Football coaches of the past are also mentioned, including Earl Blaik, Tuss McLaughry, Bob Blackman, Jake Crouthamel '60, and Joe Yukica.

Football coach Jesse Hawley, and Nathan K. Parker, Sr. '26, speak of their experiences. Dartmouth athletes William H. Morton '32, James J. Sapienza '85, Judy '76 and Carly Gere '80, Rudy LaRusso '59, George Munroe '43, Nick Lowery '78, James L. Beattie '76, Reginald Williams '76, Emil “Buss” Mosbacher '43, David McLaughlin '54, and Gerald H. Ashworth '63 are interviewed. Scenes of hockey, rowing, ice hockey, football, baseball, skiing, a bonfire, the snow sculpture on the Green, and the Hanover train station in 1939 are also included. A film by Barry Braverman '76.

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