Hanover, 1947

Dartmouth dorm, 1947

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Description 20m 18s; color, sound.
Script writer and narrator Walter Fultz, '46.
Producer Blair Watson for Dartmouth College Films.


This film shows the various activities in preparation for the 1947-48 academic year at Dartmouth College. Included are scenes of the Dartmouth Outing Club Freshman trip, luggage transportation, convocation, class lectures, married students living in Sachem Village and Wigwam Circle, and other campus happenings and sports, including golf, tennis, frisbee, skiing, annual freshmen-sophomore football rush on the campus Green.

The film shows us images of the Dartmouth choir, Dartmouth Bookstore, Carpenter Hall, Sanborn, Dartmouth Green, Baker Library, Dartmouth Hall, Collis, the arival of the Dartmouth Coach motorbus, and interior views of science labs and dormitories in Topliff Hall. It also gives a full tour of Dartmouth's three professional schools -- Thayer, Tuck, and Dartmouth Medical School -- and a brief introduction to the Dartmouth Outing Club. Includes selected scenes from "My First Week at Dartmouth (1950)".

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