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Attorneys and Staff


Sandhya L. Iyer
General Counsel
e-mail: Sandhya.L.Iyer@Dartmouth.edu

Tammy M. Hickox
Associate General Counsel
e-mail: Tammy.M.Hickox@Dartmouth.edu

Jessica A. Nylund
Associate General Counsel
e-mail: Jessica.A.Nylund@Dartmouth.edu

Esther CH. Walker
Associate General Counsel
e-mail: Esther.CH.Walker@Dartmouth.edu


Amy T. Baker
Office Administrator/Trademark Licensing Administrator
e-mail: Amy.T.Baker@Dartmouth.edu

Julie A. Davide
Administrative Assistant
e-mail: Julie.A.Davide@dartmouth.edu

Ann M. Fraser
Executive Assistant to the General Counsel
Office Manager
e-mail: Ann.M.Fraser@dartmouth.edu