Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a series of reponses to common questions regarding the humanities sequence, and reasons to consider these courses as a valuable step towards becoming a successful student and scholar.

Why two terms?

The HUM courses cover a great range of eras and texts. Two Dartmouth quarters allow barely enough time to study this material. Hence the two-term sequence.

If I am accepted, do I have to take both terms?

No. You may choose to complete Humanities 1 in the fall and receive credit for fulfilling the Writing 5 requirement. If you choose not to take Humanities 2 in the winter, which fulfills the first-year seminar requirement, you will be required to take another designated first-year seminar

* Please note: If you begin by taking Writing 5 in the fall term and then decide you would like to apply for Humanities 2 in the winter term as your first-year seminar, you may do so if there are spaces available.

What do I need to know about the First-Year Writing Requirement?

The first-year writing requirement is a sequence intended to equip students with the skills to develop and present scholarly work. Humanities 1 & 2 together fulfill the first-year writing requirement. That is, Humanities 1 replaces Writing 5 and Humanities 2 replaces the first-year seminar.

Which General Education requirements are met by taking Humanities 1 & 2?

Humanities 2 fulfills the Literature Distributive, as well as the Western category of the World Culture Requirement (Humanities 1, being equivalent to Writing 5, carries no additional distributives).

What dates do I need to know?

Applications are due by 5:00PM (EST) on July 24, 2020. Apply at http://www.dartmouth.edu/hums1-2/forms/appform.html.

The first class of Humanities 1 will meet on Monday, September 14, 2020.

Humanities 1 is scheduled at the 12-hour.

Who are this year’s faculty?

Fall  2020, Dialogues with the Classics: Lucas Hollister, Petra McGillen, Darin McMahon, Israel Reyes, Roberta Stewart, and Kenneth Walden 

Winter 2021, The Modern Labyrinth: Colleen Boggs, Petra McGillen, and Jonathan Smolin