Humanities 1 & 2

Dear Dartmouth Class of 2025:

An Invitation to Study the Humanities

You are invited to apply for Humanities 1, Dialogues with the Classics and Humanities 2, The Modern Labyrinth. This is a selective, interdisciplinary, two-term sequence for up to 100 first-year students.

Humanities 1 is a 2021 Fall term course and Humanities 2 will follow in the 2022 Winter term.

Both of these courses are scheduled for timeslot E, meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:10-2:15pm.

Hums headerPictured above: Laocoön and His Sons, artist unknown, marblecirca 200 BC; Diaganale, Sonia Delaunay, tapestry in wool, circa 1970

How to Apply

Apply for Humanities 1 & 2 to begin your Dartmouth journey by engaging texts that have profoundly influenced cultures across the world from antiquity to the present day. These team-taught courses feature professors from various departments (e.g., History, Government, Religion, Classics, English, French, German, Spanish) who lead students in lively discussions of material from across historical periods, national traditions, and literary and artistic genres. We seek students eager to meet the profound intellectual challenges these courses present.

Additional Course Information

  • If you are accepted into the HUM sequence, you may choose to enroll in either one or both of the offered courses.
  • HUM 1 fulfills the First-Year Writing 5 requirement; HUM 2 fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirement.
  • Further information on the HUM sequence is available here.

HUM 1 & 2 Application deadline

The application period for Humanities 1 & 2 is June 1 through June 29, 2021.

Applications for these courses are due by 11:59 PM (EST) on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. You will be notified by email of the status of your application in the first part of August.

the student experience

DCAL's 2019 Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching went to Timothy Baker, Paul Carranza, Michelle Clarke, Carolyn Dever, Antonio Gomez, Klaus Mladek, Kristin O'Rourke, Julia Rabig, and Andrea Tarnowski for their work on the Humanities sequence (HUM 1 and HUM 2). Read more about the Apgar Award, and how the humanities sequence supports innovative teaching here.

See what Dartmouth students have to say about the humanities sequence:


The Humanities at Dartmouth

The humanities sequence is hosted by The Leslie Center for the Humanities. The Leslie Center provides support to the humanities at Dartmouth through colloquia, seminars, symposia, and conferences, as well as activities for students, faculty and visitors.