Humanities 1 & 2

Humanities 1 (Fall term, Dialogues with the Classics) and Humanities 2 (Winter term, The Modern Labyrinth) form a two-term sequence designed to introduce first-year students to the subject matter and intellectual perspectives of the humanities.


Students engage with professors and each other in small and intense discussion sections, and meet regularly with professors for individual writing conferences. Faculty from several humanities departments (e.g., French, Music, Classics, and Asian Studies) also lecture from week to week on texts from many historical periods, national traditions, and literary genres.


Humanities 1 & 2 draws students who want to immerse themselves in texts of all kinds, texts that have profoundly influenced cultures across the world from antiquity to the present day. Humanities 1 and 2 thus seeks students who look forward to the intellectual challenges these texts present.

The Humanities sequence lays an excellent foundation for further study in departments across the humanities and social sciences, from religion to anthropology and from art history to government.


Completing Humanities 1 satisfies the Writing 5 requirement; completing Humanities 2 fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirement.


Admission to the Humanities sequence is by application only.


Application Process


Students interested in taking Humanities 1 & 2 must apply for admission into the sequence by July 24, 2019:  Students will be notified by email of the status of their application in mid-August.