Tropical Plants

The tropical collection includes plants that normally grow in the tropical regions of the world. Tropical biomes have average temperatures between 70F- 85F, and recieve 80-400 inches of rain a year. Their average humidity falls between 77-85%rh. 

About the Collection

Our tropical collection has been curated to represent a diversity of tropical flora. Many familiar foods such as banana, chocolate, and pineapple are present alongside delightful fruits less familiar to residents of North America such as Miracle Fruit, Jackfruit, and Dragonfruit. Plants with interesting flowers, unusual pollination mechanisms, economic importance, cultural significance, or symbiotic relationships with ants are also included.

 Plants in the Tropical Room. Aristolochia gigantea shows off its large carrion insect pollinated flower. 


Plants in the Tropical Room.

A Banana tree, Musa acuminata, overlooks the tropical room. 


Plants in the Tropical Room

The collection is home to a wide diversity of terrestrial and epiphytic bromeliads.

Carnivorous Plant Collection

The Tropical Room houses approximately 30 species of carnivorous plants and showcases a wide range of insect trapping techniques.

A carnivorous plant in the Tropical Room

The genus Drosera, commonly called Sundews, use sticky droplets on their leaves to trap insects.

A carnivorous plant in the Tropical Room.

An assortment of Nepenthes, tropical epiphytic Pitcher Plants, adorn the tropical greenhouse.

A carnivorous plant in the Tropical Room.

Pinguiculas, or Butterworts, also thrive in the tropical room. 

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