Inclusive Excellence

In February 2016, Dartmouth announced an effort to increase inclusion and diversity at Dartmouth. Three working groups - one each focused on faculty, students and staff - studied existing data on diversity and inclusion at Dartmouth, defined goals to measure progress, and established mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency. In May, 2016 these groups made their recommendations to an Executive Committee for both short- and long-term actions to achieve a more inclusive and diverse campus.

Campus Services Projects

The Planning, Design and Construction (PD&C) and Facilities Operations & Management (FO&M) teams manage Dartmouth’s construction projects through the full life cycle of project delivery, from conceptual design through construction and building occupancy. Our teams use a world-class methodology that delivers facilities that enhance the campus and environment in a manner that is consistent with Dartmouth’s mission.

Dartmouth Energy Program

The fuel oil and electricity required to power our campus buildings make up more than 95% of the College’s direct greenhouse gas emissions. This makes the Dartmouth Energy Program a critical tool in lowering the environmental impact of our institution. Through our three-pronged approach of energy efficiency, conservation, and supply innovation we are taking responsibility for our carbon footprint and working tirelessly to reduce it.

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