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Respiratory Protection Program

In order to wear a respirator, please contact with your name, phone number, and a description of the process requiring the use of a respirator. EHS will review your request and determine if a respirator is necessary, and which type is appropriate. We may contact you for more information. If approved, you will be directed to the applicable link below.

Please submit requests as soon as possible, as lead times to complete the process are at minimum 5 business days.

Students and College Health Service Staff
Faculty and Staff
Respiratory Protection Policy

Respirator Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The use of any type of respirator, including an N95 is not permitted by any Dartmouth student, faculty, or staff member for protection against SARS-CoV-2 unless reviewed and approved by Environmental Health and Safety. CDC guidance should be followed and all possible efforts should be made to avoid reliance on respirators, including social distancing, ventilation, and the use of face coverings. KN95’s and other N95 alternatives are not typically considered a suitable substitute for an N95. While there are exceptions based on the manufacturer, KN95 masks often do not meet OSHA standards for N95 filtration capabilities. KN95's may be worn without restriction in place of a cloth face covering or surgical style mask, and may place an additional strain on the body. However additional protection should not be implied, nor is guaranteed, as KN95’s vary widely in quality and capability, and inauthentic products are common.

Where an N95 is required by the College, a medical evaluation, training, and fit testing must be conducted prior to use. In certain instances, an N95 may be used for protection against SARS-CoV-2 where cloth face coverings, surgical masks, or other face coverings are not deemed adequate. A common example is when Dartmouth staff are required to be in close proximity to Covid-19 positive patients. EHS regulates the use of N95 respirators in these circumstances very carefully, as Dartmouth College and the government have many requirements for users of respirators. 

Last updated: 13 April 2023

Last Updated: 4/13/23