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Risk and Internal Controls Services

53 South Main Street, Suite 212
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Hinman: HB 6012
Phone: 603 646-2441
Fax: 603-646-9199



An Instant Can Change Your Life. Texting While Driving -- It Can Wait

Xzavier, Chandler, Debbie, and Reggie all know the horrors of texting & driving firsthand.  Acclaimed director Werner Herzog tells their stories in this powerful It Can Wait Documentary.  Learn about the dangers of texting while driving.

Visit AT&T's It Can Wait page to learn more about AT&T's commitment to end texting and driving.

    Dartmouth Compliance and Ethics Hotline

    Red FlagDartmouth College is committed to an environment where all Dartmouth community members are encouraged to report any suspected violations of law or Dartmouth policy without fear of retaliation.

    Dartmouth has contracted with an independent third party (EthicsPoint) to serve as the point of intake for receiving complaints and concerns. This service supplements existing offices on campus that help register such concerns, including such issues as academic and research misconduct, child abuse, financial misconduct, sexual assault or abuse, or confidentiality concerns.

    We have prepared a FAQ document that provides additional information on this process.

    Click here to report any activities that you believe may involve violations of law or Dartmouth policy.

Last Updated: 4/29/14