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Federal Work-Study, Employment and Non Work-Study Information

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) is a federally funded program and was established by Congress through the Higher Education Act of 1965 to assist needy students in earning money to meet educational costs. Participation in the program is determined by the student's financial need and is awarded as part of the financial aid package. Earnings are not applied directly to the tuition bill, but are used by the student to cover costs such as books, personal items, and transportation. FWSP funds may only be used on campus with on-campus employers or with approved off-campus community service employers.

Employment is an alternative form of funding for students who do not qualify for work-study funds, usually for citizenship reasons. Regulation of the Employment program mirrors the FWSP in that a student must show a financial need to be eligible for such funding. Employment funds are not permissible for off-campus use.

To determine if you are FWSP or EMPLOYMENT eligible, please see your financial aid award letter or consult with the Financial Aid Office. Your award letter will indicate maximum work-study/employment earnings for the academic year. Students who feel that they may work beyond their allotted eligibility should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine if they are eligible for more FWSP or EMPLOYMENT funding.

Non Work-Study: All students are encouraged to work as a part of connecting to Dartmouth regardless of their work-study eligibility. A student DOES NOT have to be awarded FWSP or EMPLOYMENT funding in order to work. It is important to check the comments section when searching for job listings on Jobnet if you are not eligible for Federal Work-Study funds, as there are a small portion of jobs limited to only FWSP eligible students. The Jobnet numbers for these positions begin with the letter "C."  

Last Updated: 7/24/12