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Payroll Information

As a student employer it is important to know the steps involved to ensure students are paid, and in a timely manner.

Rate of Pay

The minimum wage for student employees on campus is $7.75 per hour. The Dartmouth Student Employment Office has developed a guidelines for employers to use when determining a fair rate of pay for the work being expected. See the section called "Setting a Student Wage" for details.

Timesheet Completion

Students are responsible for completion of a student timesheet on a bi-weekly basis. 
Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that completed timesheets are turned in on time so that employees are paid in a timely manner in accordance with state law. 

Hourly-paid student employees must track their time on a student timesheet, available on the Controller's website.  Each student pay period has two weeks (Sunday @ 12:00am through Saturday @ 11:59pm).  As the supervisor, you can make it easier for your employee to track and record their time. The simplest solution is to create an electronic 'template' document for the student when they begin working for you! A example (pdf, 190KB) is provided for reference.

Simply download the student timesheet (a MS Excel document) and type in the following information:

  1. Line 8: Department Name, Supervisor Name, Supervisor Phone Number
  2. Line 41: Jobnet Number, Rate of Pay, Chartstring Account Number

Save this new document and give it to your student employee electronically, with a link to the Student Pay Periods, which states which two-week periods of time are paid together. At the end of the pay period, the employee prints the completed timesheet, signs it and gives it to the supervisor.  Supervisors must review and verify the hours worked, then sign the timesheet and turn it in to their Finance Center.  If there are any questions regarding the hours, the supervisor will speak with the employee to resolve them, then sign the timesheet. 

Note: Timesheets may be due earlier during holiday periods. Please reference the Payroll website for notification in such instances. These are most often noted in Dartmouth Daily Updates (D2U).

Discuss your expectations about how and when the completed timesheet will be due to you so that you have time to sign it before it is due to your appropriate Finance Center. (Each Finance Center has set expections about timesheets. Consult with yours directly if you have questions.)

Supervisors should also designate a 'back-up' person in the department that can sign and turn in timesheets in their absence (eg, vacation, illness, etc.).


Any hours in excess of 40 hours per week (not 80 hours in a biweekly pay period) are considered overtime. This policy applies to all work a student may perform for any number of departments at the College in a workweek. If a student has two or more different jobs at the College, the overtime hours will be pro-rated equitably among the employer accounts. The employer is responsible for 100% of the overtime hours, paid at 1.5 times the rate of pay.

As a supervisor, you should ask the students who work for you if they are working anywhere else on campus and how many hours per week they are scheduled for in that department. This will help to prevent unexpected overtime. Overtime hours are not eligible for subsidy by FWSP or Employment.

Student Payroll Checks

If the student employee has not opted to participate in the Direct Deposit program, the payroll check will be mailed to their Hinman Box. If your student employee has any questions relative to their paycheck, they should contact the Payroll Office. 


Last Updated: 3/18/13