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Book Arts Workshop


The Week of October 20 - October 24

Tuesday Afternoon: 2:30-5:30pm
Tuesday Evening: 6:30 - 9:00pm-Letterpress Only
Wednesday Afternoon: 2:30-4:00pm with Sarah Smith
Thursday Afternoon: 2:30-5:30pm
Thursday Evening: 6:30-9:00pm

In order to offer curricular support, the Open Studio
times are subject to change on short notice.
Please check back here weekly to see what the times
are or email ahead to check on open times.

Join us on our Fall Book Arts Excursion to visit
Julia Ferrari and the Golgonooza Letter
Foundry & Press in Ashuelot, NH on
October 25th-register

The Book Arts Workshop offers a rare opportunity to delve into the arts of the book — printing, design, bookbinding, illustration, paper, paper making and concept — with instructors who are professional designers, printers, binders and artists. This is a place to learn about traditional tools such letterpress printing, calligraphy, relief block printing or more contemporary tools such as Adobe InDesign, ink-jet printing, photocopy transfer, or experimental tools like laser cutting, 3D printing and whatever else comes to mind.

The workshop has a bookbinding studio, letterpress studio, and digital capabilities. It is open to all levels of experience and there is no orientation required to come in and talk, look around and bounce around ideas. As well as classes, we offer day and evening open studio times when an instructor is available for individual instruction and assistance.

We offer instruction on bookbinding, from traditional sewn and glued books to less traditional origami based folded books—all designed to get students thinking about the form of the book and the myriad of possibilities for content. No orientation is necessary for bookbinding.

We also offer instruction on setting metal and wood type; printing with a variety of presses dating from the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century; working with contemporary letterpress and printmaking methods that incorporate digital and experimental techniques such as polymer plates and pressure printing. Newcomers to letterpress must attend an orientation session. Once you've attended the orientation session you can come in during any of the open studio times and make a book, a poster, postcard—whatever you want with the assistance of an instructor. For a more in depth experience with type, we offer longer 9-week courses.

There is no fee to use the studios during open studio times or to attend workshops. Materials and equipment are provided. The workshop is open to the Dartmouth community; Dartmouth College students receive preference in registration and use of the studios.

The Book Arts Workshop Instructors are: Sarah Smith, Bob Metzler, Deborah Howe, Stephanie Wolff, Won Chung

For more information contact the Book Arts Special Instructor, Sarah Smith.  

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    For more information, contact Sarah M. Smith, Barb Sagraves or Louise Hamlin.

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