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Status Messages in the Library Catalog

Status MessageMeaning of Status Message and Actions

The item is in an on-site storage location.

ACTION: Ask at the circulation desk of the holding library for access.


The item should be on the shelf, unless it is being consulted by another reader.

ACTION: If you cannot find the item on the shelf, contact any Library circulation desk to place a tracer.


The item is on loan (or overdue) and is due back on the date shown.

ACTION: You may request the book from another library using Borrow Direct

ACTION: You may instead contact any Library circulation desk to recall the item.


The item may still be waiting to be reshelved.

ACTION: If you need the item immediately, please check with Circulation.

IN LIBRARY USE The item may only be consulted in the Library and is not available for loan.
LIBRARY HAS This record summarizes holdings for multi-volume works as well as journals.

The item has been lost by the borrower.

ACTION: Request a copy through Borrow Direct.


The item has been lost by the borrower and a replacement copy has been ordered.

ACTION: Request a copy through Borrow Direct.


The item has disappeared and is unavailable.

ACTION: Request a copy through Borrow Direct.


The item has just been processed and is on its way to the shelf.

ACTION: Check the shelf again in 5-10 days, or contact a Library circulation desk to request the item.


The item is currently reserved for a reader.

ACTION: If the item is being held for someone else, you may place a hold on it to be the next person in line to get the item.

ACTION: You may also request a copy through Borrow Direct.


The item does not circulate.

ACTION: Contact the circulation desk at the holding library for details.


The item is currently being moved to the new Dartmouth Library Depository. The item should be available again in November 2014.

ACTION: If you need the item before then, please request it through BorrowDirect or Dart Doc.


This applies to items at Storage and Art Special that can be viewed at the Sherman Art Library, but do not circulate. 

ACTION: Request the item from Storage using the Request Item button in the Library Catalog to view the item at Sherman Art Library.

ACTION: For items in Art Special, request them in person at the Sherman Art Library.

Last Updated: 5/4/17