Library Mission and Goals - FY 2006

Mission Statement

The Dartmouth College Library fosters intellectual growth and advances the teaching and research missions of Dartmouth College by supporting excellence and innovation in education and research, managing and delivering scholarly content, and partnering in the development and dissemination of new scholarship.


  • Review/revise the Dartmouth College Library Mission Statement.
  • Reconceptualize the Dartmouth College Library internet presence, with particular focus on the Digital Library at Dartmouth.
  • Create a 5-year digital infrastructure plan outlining standards, policies, technology needs, and partnerships. Explore the concept of a digital repository. Planning should include all relevant and interested constituencies across Dartmouth.
  • Review/enhance Library development efforts: Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience, Library Council, Friends of the Dartmouth Library, stewardship of donors
  • Leverage the Library's relationship with Peter Kiewit Computing Services to enhance our shared mission.
  • Provide campus leadership in determining digital records management needs and in identifying potential solutions.
  • Implement Library commitments to the C-CEN project.

Budget & Grants

  • Assess budget impacts of a Library system-wide strategic plan for collection building.

Collections Access

  • Explore possible enhancements to Borrow Direct.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the e-Reserves service and its impact on the Library's budget and operations; plan for future growth. Improve integration of e-reserves and campus course management software.
  • Project future stack space needs based on a strategic plan for collection building.

Collection Development & Management

  • Develop Library system-wide strategic plan for collection building.
  • Conserve and digitize the U.S. Serial Set in partnership with Readex Corporation.
  • Implement the Electronic Resource Management module of Innopac.

Education & Research

  • Expand librarian-faculty collaboration in teaching and research, including collaboration with the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL).
  • Investigate and increase the role of the Library in the first year experience (including writing courses and orientation).
  • Further develop outreach and services to graduate and international students.
  • Enhance outreach to new faculty and to new programs at the College.
  • Review and coordinate services at the various Library and Computing service points, including the number and location of service points as well as the types of services offered at each.

Facilities/Infrastructure Management

  • Create a 5-year space plan for all Library facilities, including an assessment of physical maintenance, safety and security.
  • Review food and beverage policy for the Library. Develop plan to educate library users for Fall, 2005.
  • Strengthen desktop computer support in collaboration with Peter Kiewit Computing Services.
  • Oversee the design and construction of a new Records Management Facility.

Information Technology

  • Respond to campus changes in network authentication and the digital security environment.

Marketing & Communications

  • Establish a marketing committee and develop a marketing plan for the Dartmouth College Library.

Staff Development & Human Resource Management

  • Prioritize and begin implementing recommendations of the Staff Development Advisory Committee.
  • Maintain/enhance a culture of customer service.
  • Introduce Dartmouth@Work for performance communication.