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Mass Media/Mass Communications

Collection Area

This collection development policy covers Communication only. There are now separate collection developments policies for Television and Radio and Journalism.

General Purpose

Mass Communications materials are intended to meet the research and teaching needs of faculty and students looking at Media of all types, its history, its effect on culture and its future.

Dartmouth College Program

There is no established program for Mass Media. However, English, Film & Television, History and the foreign language departments are just some that use the materials collected. The English Department has made a commitment to offer 1 Journalism course every Spring Term starting with 2006. Prior to that, it was under Women & Gender Studies which offered a Journalism course once every other academic year.

General Subject Boundaries

This policy looks at mass media in general terms. We want to collect materials which look at person to person communication or communication within groups or organizations. We also will collect materials that look at communication historically and also its future.

Media such as Television and Radio and Journalism have their own policies.


Most of the materials collected are in English. However, as other Bibliographers make suggestions for items not in English, we can anticipate adding materials in other languages.

Geographic Areas

The materials collected are heavily weighted towards the Anglo-American world.

Types of Material Collected

We collect books about Television, Radio, Journalism, Rhetoric and Communication. We also collected television shows, movies and other multimedia resources for mass media.

Format of Materials Collected

Much of the material collected is in a media format such as DVDs and VHS. Resources about mass media can be in both print and electronic formats.

Other Resources Available

LC Class

P92 - P96; PN 1991; PN 1992; PN 4700 - 5650

Related Policies

English Language and Literature, General and Comparative Literature, History, Linguistics, Women's and Gender Studies


Lucinda M. Hall

Last Updated: 8/5/16