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Contact Information

  • Michael Dietrich, Chair, Council on the Libraries
  • Jennifer Taxman, Interim Dean of Libraries

Council on the Libraries 2004-2005


Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Minutes


2004-2005 Academic Year

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May 2005 (PDF file)
1. Scholarly Communications discussion wrap-up
2. Library webpages

April 2005 (PDF file)
Scholarly Communications

March 2005
1. Approval of minutes (Cottingham)
2. Library Focus: Feldberg Business & Engineering Library (Jim Fries)
3. Introduction and Discussion with Jeff Horrell, Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College
4. Agenda for April 14 Meeting

February 2005
1. Approval of minutes (Cottingham)
2. Quick updates from Fall 2004 business (Cottingham)
3. Library Focus: Cataloging and Metadata Services (Tittemore)
4. Update on development projects related to the Digital Library
(a) DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) ­ Pat Fisken
(b) Scholars’ Portal ­ John James
(c) Government Information Portal ­ John Cocklin

6 January 2005 (cancelled)

December 2004
1. Welcome; introductions (Kathy Cottingham)
2. Library Focus: TBD
3. LibQUAL+ Spring 2004 User Survey Results (Cyndy Pawlek and others)

November 2004
1. Welcome; introductions (Kathy Cottingham)
2. Library Focus: Special Collections (Jay Satterfield)
3. Council on the Libraries membership (Kathy Cottingham)
4. Update from the Jones Media Center (Mike Beahan)
5. Update from the Libraries Education and Outreach Program (Susan Fliss)

October 2004
1. Update on the Dean of Libraries search
2. Council on Libraries membership
3. 2004-2005 agenda topics

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