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333 Dartmouth Hall
HB 6084
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755


Baker Tower



Steve Swayne (Music)
Ellis Shookman (German Studies)
Andrea Tarnowski (French and Italian, Comparative Literature)

Faculty members who teach this course include:

Carolyn Dever (Provost, English)

Colleen Boggs (English, Women's and Gender Studies)

Dennis Washburn (Asian Studies)

Eric Miller (German Studies)

George Edmondson (English)

Kathleen Wine (French and Italian)

Margaret Graver (Classics)

Paul Carranza (Spanish & Portuguese)

Petra McGillen (German Studies)

Rebecca Biron (Spanish & Portuguese)

Suzanne Brown (English)

Timothy Pulju (Classics, Linguistics)

Jane Carroll (Art History)

Michelle Clarke (Government)









Last Updated: 10/25/16