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Tina Catania '03

Major: Italian and Geography

Current Work and Impact of Italian Major: This summer (2010) I completed my Master’s degree and I am currently a PhD student in Geography at Syracuse University. I was a double major in Italian and Geography at Dartmouth. The Italian has been immensely useful to me. In 2006 I received a Reynolds Grant from Dartmouth to conduct research in Sicily, Italy on North African immigration and detention. At that time, I was also a Visiting Scholar at the Universita’ di Palermo Geography Department. My academic research continues to focus on Italy, particularly Sicily and Lampedusa, looking at the detention of migrants and refugees on islands and on the Italian mainland. Moreover, I study geopolitics in the Mediterranean region, immigrant “integration”, and the construction of racial and ethnic identities by migrants and the Italian government. I was in Sicily and Lampedusa again this summer (2010) and have been conducting qualitative research in the area on migrant detention, human rights, and activism surrounding migration since then. My PhD research and dissertation will focus on these same topics.




Last Updated: 4/19/11