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Michael Adelman '10

Michael Adelman '10

Major: History with French Minor 

Current Work and Impact of French Minor: I am currently a 1L at Harvard Law School, and anticipate graduating in 2013. This summer I will be working in the Civil Litigation division for the Attorney General’s Office of the District of Columbia. I am still unsure of exactly what kind of law I want to practice, but I have enjoyed the first year experience, which includes a broad survey of the legal field, from criminal law to civil procedure.

While my French language skills don’t come into play very often at law school, I have found the close-reading skills I developed in the French department to be valuable when studying my casebooks. In the fall, we read a contracts case where the court decided a multi-million dollar verdict on the basis of where a comma was placed. The manners of interpreting how adjectives modify their nouns matter not just in interpreting Baudelaire, but also in determining criminal sentencing guidelines.



Last Updated: 4/20/11