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EHS Training

EHS has completed the new on line Introduction to Laboratory Safety Course, this course replaces the monthly classroom offerings and removes any remaining barriers to full compliance by anyone working in a DC laboratory specifically undergraduates with class conflicts.


Introduction to Laboratory Safety on line course


Radiation Safety Classroom Training - Contact EHS 646-1762

What To Do In The Event Of An Exposure

BSL-2 Exposure Control Plan



In the event of an exposure to potentially infectious materials, remember the 3 steps below:

1)    Begin immediate first aid using iodine solution with skin exposures

a)    Irrigate eyes, if ocular exposure

2)    Notify supervisor

3)    Seek medical attention

a)    Report to Occupational Medicine at DHMC (603-653-3850), or report to DHMC Emergency Room after hours

b)  Dartmouth-Hitchcock Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Additional Steps to Take After Seeking Medical Attention

1)    Contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (603-646-1762). We will assist in the reporting of exposures and determine what steps can be taken in the future to avoid such exposures

2)    Download, Complete, and Return the necessary forms to Risk Management within 24 hours. Exposure Reporting Forms


Last Updated: 4/29/14