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Content courtesy of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU).

Required training videos:

Video 1: Survival Rodent Surgery - General Training in Rodent Survival Surgery (Module 1)

Video 2: Survival Rodent Surgery - Simple Suture Patterns for Rodent Surgery (Module 2)

Individuals wishing to take the surgical training course need to complete the surgical questionnaire (Word) (PDF) and email it to with the subject line "Surgery class" no less than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled class. The upcoming dates and times for the class are indicated below. Once we receive your email and review your questionnaire we will contact you with the date and location of your assigned class. Please watch the two surgery training modules (above) which can be found at ( prior to attending class.

Mouse Training Packet (PDF) to be read before class.

Future Surgery classes:

  • June 3; 10am
  • June 18; 12pm
  • July 2; 12pm
  • July 14; 2pm
  • August 3; 12pm
  • August 19; 10am
  • September 2; 10am
  • September 14; 12pm

Suggested additional training resources:

Aquatics Training Resources

Guidelines for Nomenclature of Genes, Genetic Markers, Alleles, and Mutations in Mouse and Rat

Mouse Nomenclature

Rabbit Training Resources

Rodent Restraint Procedures (mouse)

Rodent Restraint Procedures (rat)

Rodent Blood Collection Procedures

Rodent Compound Administration Procedures

Rodent Genotyping & Identification Procedures

Rodent Euthanasia Procedures


Additional NIH training videos can be found here.


Publication of Research

ARRIVE Guidelines (Animal Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) published by the NC3Rs are available here.

These guidelines identify 20 areas that need to be addressed within a paper containing animal research.  Many journals are now following these guidelines and may not publish papers that have not followed the guidelines. 



  • Charles River continuing education and training courses.
  • Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare online courses.



Last Updated: 6/29/15