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The Center for Comparative Medicine and Research (CCMR) is a resource that offers a variety of services from Veterinarian and Technician assistance to training and the ordering of supplies.  See our FAQ section to learn more about training and placing orders.

The CCMR can provide assistance with grant applications in the form of facility and husbandry descriptions, pricing, suggested budgets and more.  Further the CCMR can provide assistance with IACUC protocols both during the grant application process and during the award period.  

To assist in maximizing research potential, the CCMR has its own on site small animal surgery suite which is available to researchers or researchers can opt to have a trained member of the CCMR veterinary staff assist with procedures.  The CCMR also works in conjunction with the Surgical Research Labs (SRL), Advanced Imaging Center, Center for Surgical Innovation  (the first center of its kind to work with animal researchers without impacting patient care) and Pre-clinical Imaging and Irradiation Resource.

Not all services incur a fee, for basic rates see the per diem rates located in the Dartmouth Reseach Services portal or email the CCMR for a quote.


Approved Vendors and Ordering

The Approved Vendors page provides a list of vendors that Dartmouth regularly uses for ordering.  As of August 2016 the Center for Comparative Medicine and Research offers centralized ordering to help expedite and track all orders.  The CCMR staff work closely with approved vendors to obtain additional discounts and assist researchers with order tracking and fulfillment.  All animals orders should be placed through the RAPPORT-CMR/eSirius 3g animal management system and for supply orders via email thru the CCMR using the ordering form for supplies. 

Note: Orders must be placed by 12pm on Thursdays; requests for wean/split cards must be received by 12pm on Fridays.

GLP Studies

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Research currently conducts and has successfully completed on-site Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies.   Good Laboratory Practice studies are a service that the Center for Comparative Medicine and Research in conjunction with the Surgical Research Laboratory (SRL) can conduct on all species.   For more information please see the GLP Studies page.


Hemavet hematology services capable of analyzing total WBC, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophiles, RBC, Hb, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelet Count, MPV, Reticulocytes and NRBC are available through the Center for Comparative Medicine and Research by contacting the Clinical Veterinarian.  The samples must be free of clots and ideally as fresh as possible.  More information on the Hemavet is available here.

Imaging Services

Imaging services are available through the Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, for pricing and scheduling please refer to the Imaging page.

Rodent Surgical Suites

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Research hosts two Rodent Surgical Suites (A & B) located within the Borwell vivarium.  Researchers with approved Borwell vivarium access will automatically have access to these suites. Included in these suites are two microscopes; 1) Leica/Wild M690 (Wild MEL 48 WHT) 2) Zeiss OpMi-1 for use by the research staff.

The surgical suites can be reserved thru Outlook Calendar under the meeting room name(s) of Borwell Rodent Surgical Suite A and Borwell Rodent Surgical Suite B.  Researchers reserving space via Outlook calendar will receive a confirmation email from Outlook that your space has been reserved.  The CCMR requests that if you are unable to keep your appointment, that you cancel it in Outlook so that others may have the opportunity to use the space.  Detailed instructions on the booking of the suite can be found here.

Researchers are asked to bring their own surgical materials.  Drawers will be available in the suite (s) to store small amounts of consumable equipment.

Anesthesia machines will be available in the rooms however, researchers may need to arrange to bring their own isoflurane.

Technician Services

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Research employs technicians that can provide laboratories with additional support in the form of technical services.  Services include but are not limited to blood collection, tissue collection, breeder set up, gavage (oral), injections, training, measurements, weaning, weighing, identification procedures and more.  A complete list of services and pricing can be found on the request form

Requests for services should be submitted to the veterinary staff via email using the "Request for Technical Services from the CCMR" form.


The CCMR offers training courses related to the safe handling of animals, animal surgery and more.  Generally, training sessions occur several times per month but can be arranged at any time through the CCMR.  For more information on available trainings, schedules and requirements please visit the Training page.

Veterinary Formulary

Veterinary Formulary contains information on medication and dosing.  For the a working spreadsheet and more information visit the Veterinary Formulary page.