What is the IACUC?

The IACUC provides assistance to investigators in fulfilling their obligation to plan and conduct animal experiments in accordance with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles.

Dartmouth College’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) ensures that all research and teaching protocols using live vertebrate animals are designed and carried out in a humane manner that complies with all applicable laws, polices, and guidelines. The IACUC is responsible for reviewing all protocols involving live vertebrate animals, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, inspecting animal facilities and laboratories and overseeing training and educational programs.

Responsibilities of the IACUC

The concept of the IACUC as a self-regulating entity is based on the institutions commitment to comply with federal guidelines; the mechanism for compliance is articulated in the Institutional Assurance Statement which is reviewed every three years. The IACUC will:

  • At least once every 6 months, review the animal care program including inspection of all animal facilities using all applicable state and federal regulations as guidance.
  • Prepare reports and make recommendations regarding animal program, facilities or personnel training to the Institutional Official (IO) regarding the Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP).
  • Review, investigate and take corrective action for all concerns involving the care and use of animals at Dartmouth College.
  • Make recommendations to the IO regarding any aspect of the research facility's animal program, facilities or personnel training.
  • Review all proposed activities utilizing vertebrate animals in teaching, research or other Dartmouth affiliated activities.