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New Wellness Program Options for 2018!

All benefits-eligible employees will need to elect a Wellness Program option for 2018 through FlexOnline, even if you waive medical coverage. If you do not elect a Wellness Program option during the Open Enrollment period (October 23 - November 6), you will be defaulted to the Pulse program.

For details on your wellness program options for 2018, click here.


Free Flu Clinics - 10/12, 10/13, 10/16 & 10/31

Dartmouth's Annual FREE Flu Shot Clinics, sponsored by the Dartmouth College Health Service and The Office of Human Resources are taking place on:  

10/12, 10/13 & 10/16 - Dick's House Library

10/31 - Alumni Hall (Employee Services Fair)

Register here.  

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Bulletin Board

Start a Wellness Bulletin Board!

bbStart a Wellness Bulletin Board in your department that highlights healthy tips, recipes and more! Our bulletin board consists of these sections: In the News, Did You Know?, Exercise Tip, Healthy Recipe, Tickle Your Funny Bone, and Upcoming Events. Below you will find some ideas for these topics, but feel free to be creative!


Print the headers to get you started with your board.


In The News:


These few things may help stave off Dementia

Scientists think there may be a few things you can do to keep Dementia at bay: train your brain, keep your blood pressure under control, and stay active.                                                 

Did You Know?:


When you're choosing sunglasses, does UV protection matter?

Ultraviolet protection is not just important when it comes to your skin, but for your eyes as well! When purchasing sunglasses, make sure you choose a pair with UV protection lenses. The darkness of the lens does not necessarily mean it will protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Glasses should be clearly marked as blocking 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.


Exercise & Heat:


Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Whether you're running, playing a pick-up game of basketball or going for a power walk, take care when the temperature rises. If you exercise outdoors in hot weather, use these precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Healthy Recipe:

avocado toast

Watermelon and Arugula Chicken Salad

Try this easy to make, delicious recipe packed with lots of seasonal flavors.                                                             

Just for Laughs:




Last Updated: 8/10/17