OSP Proposal Submission Deadlines

Effective Date: Proposals submitted for deadlines on or after February 1, 2009.

Proposal Submission Deadline Policy

All applications to external sponsors for funding of research and other Dartmouth programs are reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Projects.   Starting March 18, 2015,  all application materials are to be uploaded and routed via RAPPORT, our on line proposal and award management tool.   The Proposal Submission Deadline policy is intended to incorporate a sufficient time period that would allow for review and submission of all requests for externally funded grants and contracts. Proposals are reviewed at the Department, School and OSP levels.

Submission Type

Due Date
(# of business days prior to
sponsor deadline)

Items Required
for Submission to OSP

All Proposals,
electronic and paper

7 Business Days
9:00 a.m.

Proposal Review
(see below for specific

submissions only

2 Business Days
9:00 a.m.

Final Proposal Package
for Submission
with research plan "ready
to go"

30-90 Days Prior to the Deadline

The Principal Investigator informs Department and OSP of intent to submit.

As soon as the principal investigator decides to submit a proposal he/she should inform the leadership of their department or school, their department finance/grant management staff and the Office of Sponsored Projects of his/her intent. This allows OSP to begin communication with the PI and the Department Administrator and to plan the flow of proposal submissions. This prior notification is especially important in the following instances:

  • Large, complex programs
  • Multi-project programs, involving Dartmouth departments and/or other institutions
  • Unusual terms and conditions referenced in the funding announcement
  • Limitations on the number of institutional applicants (Note: Limited applications are selected through a process in the Provost’s office. See procedures at the Office of Foundation Relations web site.)
  • Requests for deviations from School or College policies or practices
  • New initiatives involving significant resources requiring School/departmental approvals

Seven (7) Business Days Prior to the Sponsor Deadline (9:00 a.m.)

PI / DEPT submits Proposal Review Materials to the Office of Sponsored Projects.

To begin the review and assist OSP in an orderly and efficient process, please submit ae package consisting of the following materials:


  • Sponsor guidelines, funding announcement
  • Proposal abstract
  • Budget, including commitments for any matching funds
  • Budget justification
  • List of key personnel
  • Any special administrative documents required by the sponsor or prime collaborator

For additional information concerning proposal review requirements, checklists, and other considerations, please refer to the Dartmouth College Principal Investigator Handbook.

OSP Review Process

The Office of Sponsored Projects Reviews the Proposal Materials via the on-line system RAPPORT.

  • The OSP proposal review process assists the PI to ensure compliance with sponsor and institutional policies.
  • Electronic submissions: When the proposal review has been completed the OSP proposal coordinator will inform the principal investigator and department administrator of any changes to be made. It is the responsibility of the PI /DEPT to make these changes.
  • Paper Proposals or Department Submission to Sponsor: The PI / DEPT will receive the signed proposal forms back from OSP to be submitted to the sponsor by the department. A full electronic copy should be sent to OSP for filing.

Two (2) Business Days Prior to the Sponsor Deadline (9:00 a.m.)

Electronic Submissions: Delivery of the Final Proposal Package to the Office of Sponsored Projects for Submission to the Sponsor.

  • The PI /DEPT must release the complete proposal to the Office of Sponsored Projects by 9:00 a.m. two (2) business days prior to the deadline for electronic submission to the sponsor. This allows time for possible technology slow downs and for the PI / DEPT to make corrections in response to system errors indicated by Grants.gov (or other electronic systems). Proposals are listed in the queue and submitted to the sponsor as soon as possible.
  • Via e-mail from Grants.gov or directly from the sponsor, the PI / DEPT monitors submission of the proposal through to Sponsor acceptance of the proposal for review. If there are errors requiring correction, the PI / DEPT  makes the necessary corrections and contacts OSP to resubmit.

Late Submission to Internal Deadlines

If proposal materials do not reach the Office of Sponsored Projects by the internal deadlines the proposal is late. The proposal is added to the queue. The PI assumes the risk that he/she may need to correct errors in electronic submission and that the final proposal deadline may be missed.


revised March 21, 2015