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CCN talk January 25, 2016

Paul Whalen

Paul Whalen

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth

Title: Face to face with the emotional brain

Time: 4:00-5:00

Place: Moore Hall, Room 202


Faces convey emotion. This makes them useful for understanding the internal state of others as well as what the internal state of others might mean for us. In this talk, I will make a case for faces - that is, the use of images of the facial expressions of others as experimental stimuli to better understand how our brains navigate the social world. We will see that facial expressions can be used to predict individual differences in healthy participants and participants suffering from emotional disorders. I will argue that one particular facial expression can be used to tap into a prefrontal-amygdala circuitry that appears crucial for at least a portion of the regulatory processes that make navigating our social world manageable.