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Post Two | July 14, 2019

Welcome to July!

Wow – it's been a busy few weeks, with new information coming your way and plenty to consider. How are you doing?

As you can probably tell, Dartmouth is buzzing with preparations for your arrival this fall; we are very excited about what we have in store for you. The folks in the Office of Student Life — along with colleagues across campus — are organizing New Student Orientation programs for you that will allow you to experience the breadth of Dartmouth's opportunities, always with the goal of ensuring your successful transition into the Dartmouth community.

Our journey together will begin in earnest when you arrive. But as that day approaches, my campus colleagues and I are spending a great deal of time thinking about you: where you come from, your unique and diverse backgrounds, and the amazing perspectives you'll bring with you. Learning about academics and electing Fall Term courses will be your highest priority during Orientation. However, we are also focusing on what we want to share with you about living here — not only all the amazing aspects of our "College on the Hill," but also all the things you need to know to fully participate in our community, understand your rights and responsibilities as a member of that community, and feel connected. This is no easy task, and none of us takes our responsibility lightly. We all care very deeply about you and will work tirelessly to ensure that you have every opportunity to shine in your time here.

I wanted to highlight the importance of watching for emails from New Student Orientation and the Undergraduate Deans Office over the next several weeks, as well as updates on DartHub. We will all work together to keep you on track!

Speaking of which: New Student Orientation will soon be emailing a series of seven Snapshots that will outline campus resources as well as provide a brief overview of Dartmouth's academic departments and programs. The first in this series will focus on timely campus resources and include departments and offices with upcoming deadlines and useful information that you might need to know now.

One last thing: later in the summer, you will be introduced to Dartmouth's Orientation Team (O-Team). These students will play a large role in helping you transition to campus life. But before you meet them, they would love to meet you! O-Team asks that you send a postcard that introduces you and shares a hope you have for the coming year. Postcards will be displayed in the Collis Center during Orientation. You can send your postcard to the address below.

Dartmouth Orientation Team
6181 Collis Center Suite 303
Hanover, NH 03755

SO – with our commitment to your successful transition in mind, I will continue to write to you in the weeks leading up to Orientation. Be sure to bookmark this page; I will post little pieces of advice or recommendations that resonate with me personally. Sometimes the posting will be something that is on my mind; other times it may be an update on Orientation. Mostly, the Office of Student Life and I want to put a face to the communication you receive and help guide your introduction to Dartmouth.

To help me formulate my blog, I want to extend an invitation to you: ENGAGE. Let me know what you're thinking and feeling. Share your hopes and dreams, and your fears and questions — especially your questions. You may find that your questions shape a future posting.

Take care and talk again soon!


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Post One | May 19, 2019

Hello incoming students!

Let me first introduce myself: I'm Eric Ramsey, and while I wear a few different hats at Dartmouth, right now you'll know me as the Director of New Student Orientation.

Your official Dartmouth "new student" communication has begun! I hope you have claimed your account and started working on the Pre-Arrival Instructions and Checklist via DartHub Pre-Arrival.

Here in Student Life, we are about to go silent for a few weeks. We'll be as busy as you: while you are finishing your academic year, we are graduating Dartmouth's great Class of 2019 – and then we will all catch our breath!

We'll talk to you again in July. Until then, we wish you the best possible conclusion to your secondary school careers and some well-deserved rest and celebration.


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