Dear Class of 2024:

Welcome to the Dartmouth community!

We send wishes of health, hope, and strength to you, the people you love, and those that matter to you.

While we know this is not the spring anyone expected, we nevertheless encourage you to celebrate—with pride—this milestone, and share it with those who have supported you on your journey to this important moment.

Over the next several months, "Welcome to Dartmouth!" is a phrase you are likely to read and hear often, but we hope each time it generates a bit of excitement and anticipation. We know that you will have many questions; our New Student Orientation program, facilitated the week before fall classes begin, is designed to help you navigate your transition to Dartmouth—academically and socially.

A whole team of students, faculty, and staff are working to prepare for you to join our community. Starting in May of 2020, you will begin to hear from them on how you can prepare for your college career. Whether it is information on computing, Dartmouth Dining, undergraduate housing, or how we support each other as a community, this communication will begin to shape your understanding of Dartmouth.

While we know you might be eager to make travel plans, we will not be able to post dates for New Student Orientation until late May.

In the coming months, this website will be an important resource for you and your family. As information is communicated to new students, you can always turn here for the latest information. Until that point, take good care and know that you are in our thoughts. We can't wait to meet you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Kathleen Cunneen
Program Director, New Student Orientation
Eric L. Ramsey
Associate Dean for Student Life