Dear Class of 2027:

Welcome to the Dartmouth community!

We send wishes of health and hope to you, the people you love, and those who matter to you.

Over the next several months, "Welcome to Dartmouth!" is a phrase you are likely to read and hear often, but we hope it generates a bit of excitement and anticipation each time. We know that you will have many questions as you prepare to come to Dartmouth. Our New Student Orientation program is designed to help you navigate your transition to Dartmouth—academically, personally, and socially.

A team of students, faculty, and staff are working with us to prepare for your arrival in the fall. Starting in late spring of 2023, we will begin to be in touch with the support you need to prepare for your college career. Whether it is information on the technology you will use as a student, exploration of our liberal arts curriculum, or how we support each other as a community, this communication will begin to shape your understanding of Dartmouth.

Since New Student Orientation is a department within the Office of Student Life, we are fully focused on the vitality of the student experience for all enrolled students. We will respond to your email as soon as possible, and appreciate your patience.

In the coming months, this website will be an important resource for you and your family and supporters. As mailings are sent and information is communicated to new students, you can always turn here for the latest information. Until then, have a wonderful few months.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Take good care and stay well.

Kathleen Cunneen
Director, New Student Programs
Eric L. Ramsey
Associate Dean for Student Life

Our Mission: New Student Orientation allows students to begin to create deep connections to the institution. With high standards and great compassion, we will prioritize the support of new students as they transition to both academic and co-curricular life at Dartmouth, and we will courageously and clearly communicate (and reinforce) the shared values of our community. Additionally, we are committed to recognizing the many paths taken by students before they arrive, and the multiple ways to experience and engage with our community once they begin their Dartmouth journey. Through its programs and mission, New Student Orientation strives to highlight "a campus that is inclusive, welcoming, and caring for all."

Land Acknowledgement
adapted from the Land Acknowledgement at Dartmouth's Hood Museum of Art

Dartmouth is situated upon the ancestral and unceded lands of the Abenaki people. This acknowledgement reminds us of the significance of place, the continued existence of Indigenous people, and Dartmouth's commitment to building respectful relationships with those who call these lands home today.