Welcome to Dartmouth - Parents, Guardians, Families, and Supporters

Dartmouth partners with parents, guardians, families, and supporters to help students succeed.

Please read the welcome email, sent on September 2.

Hello Families and Supporters of the Class of 2025:

We are excited to welcome you and your student to Dartmouth for what we know will be an enriching experience for students and families alike. New Student Orientation will serve as your student’s gateway for communication and overview as they transition to their new community.

We are looking forward to welcoming them over the next week to Dartmouth, and we know that some of you may be joining them as they move in on either September 3 or September 7. We wanted to make sure you saw the schedule of events and programs for families and supporters on Friday, September 3. After your student has taken their COVID test and moved into their residence hall, we invite you to visit the Hospitality Lounge at the Collis Student Center to find out more about what is happening that day. You can also visit the New Student Orientation Families and Supporters page for more details. 

For those of you joining us on September 7, we will update that page with more information soon.

As a reminder, all students, faculty, and staff will continue to be required to comply with the masking policy in campus facilities. Family or friends assisting with move-in must be masked in the residence halls and all indoor spaces at all times. Please visit the Dartmouth Together website for the most up to date information on this, and other COVID-related policies. All are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings outside of these requirements if they feel more comfortable doing so.

We’ve been getting to know your student and the great Class of 2025, appreciating the challenges they’ve faced – we’ve all faced – over the past 18 months. Everything about welcoming students to campus is truly a gift that we appreciate in a new way. We *all* can’t wait to continue to learn more about them and support their transition, and we expect you feel the same way.

We look forward to seeing your student very soon. 

Thank you and take care.

Parent and Family Welcome Message


Parent, Guardian, and Family Connections

Please visit the link above for additional family information from the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is an opportunity for families and supporters of current students to experience life at Dartmouth. For the Class of 2025, Family Weekend will be held April 29 through May 1, 2022. Please visit the Family Weekends website for more information.