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Parents, Guardians, Families, and Supporters

Dartmouth partners with parents, guardians, families, and supporters to help students succeed.

Parent, Guardian, and Family Connections
Please visit the link above for additional information from the Undergraduate Deans Office.

A list of helpful websites and resources:

  • The Office of the Registrar (“Registrar” for short) provides services for students in the areas of academic policy, enrollment, and course information. Their Calendars webpage is incredibly useful for finding dates, deadlines, term breaks, etc. 
    • Click on the specific Term Calendar for very helpful levels of detail. (We use it every day!)
  • The Office of Residential Life coordinates student housing assignments and provides a variety of learning opportunities that promote students’ academic endeavors and encourage growth and development. Upon receiving their housing assignment from Dartmouth, students will become a member of one of six House Communities.
    • The Undergraduate Housing tab in the top menu on their website is super helpful.
    • Visit the About Housing section to learn more about Undergraduate Housing at Dartmouth.
  • Residential Operations maintains student residences and manages on-campus storage options.
  • Check out the Dartmouth College Health Services website (also known as Dick’s House by students) for essential information about our health and counseling services. Helpful pages include:
  • Dartmouth Dining Services (or DDS for short) provides a lovely overview with its Quick Dining Facts
    • Click on the Inclusive Dining tab in the top menu of their website for information on Kosher and Halal Dining; food allergies and restrictions; and vegan and vegetarian dining. 
    • Visit the First-Year dining page for information on the dining plan for first-year students.
  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is the office that works with students, faculty, staff, and the campus administration to ensure that the programs, services, and activities of Dartmouth College are accessible to, and usable by, students with disabilities. If your student needs these services, they should be sure to contact SAS. 
  • The Undergraduate Deans Office (UDO) provides holistic academic and personal advising for undergraduates. Students are assigned an undergraduate dean who will work with them from their arrival on campus until their graduation. Your student will receive an introductory email from their undergraduate dean in mid-August. The Undergraduate Deans Office also includes the Health Professions Program, Dartmouth’s specialized advising program for students considering careers in the health professions.