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Dartmouth in the News

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Dartmouth admitted 12 percent of 18,130 applicants in the most competitive admissions process in its history on March 31, reported Bloomberg news . The story also reported that 55 percent of the class "is projected to receive need-based financial aid. "

In an interview with Bloomberg news, Trustee Thurman "T.J." Rodgers '70 and Association of Alumni President John H. Mathias Jr. '69 praised the selection of President-elect Dr. Jim Yong Kim. Rodgers said that Kim would build on Dartmouth's tradition of putting "its best professors in the classrooms with undergraduates." Mathias agreed, saying Kim is "an inspired choice, a living example of how you can take advantage of higher education to do good." Kim's appointment was also noted in media outlets including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Click here for highlights of the coverage.

A Dartmouth student has apologized "for writing a tongue-in-cheek news report full of racial slurs directed at the school's next president, who will be the first Asian-American to lead an Ivy League school," reported the Associated Press on March 6. The story referred to a March 3 email sent by the Generic Good Morning Message (GGMM), a student-run Listserv that is independent of the College. President James Wright and President-elect Kim both sent messages to the campus in response. (Click here to read their full messages.) Dr. Kim called the writer's actions a "lapse in judgment," saying "Dartmouth students are very talented, but we all make mistakes-especially when we are young."

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Last Updated: 7/24/18