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Cast Your Ballots in the Association of Alumni Election

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The 2008 Dartmouth Association of Alumni election is underway.

Alumni will elect a president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary-treasurer, and seven committee members of the association. Online and mail ballots will be accepted through June 5, 2008. Voting will also be available to alumni who attend the annual meeting in Hanover, on June 10. There are 22 candidates running on two different slates. The first set of 11 candidates was nominated by the Nominating Committee of the association, and the second set was nominated by petition.

All alumni are members of the Association of Alumni, which was founded in 1854. Since the formation in 1913 of the Dartmouth Alumni Council, the association's primary responsibilities have been to run its annual meeting and to oversee balloting among the alumni to select alumni-nominated trustee candidates for Dartmouth's Board of Trustees.

In 2006, the Association Executive Committee voted to permit all-media voting in Association of Alumni elections (voting was previously restricted to alumni attending the association's annual meeting in Hanover). This year's election will be the second alumni-wide association vote ever held. The nominated slate of candidates includes:

  • President: John H. Mathias Jr. '69
  • First Vice President: Cheryl A. Bascomb '82
  • Second Vice President: Douglas H. Keare '56, Thayer '57, Tuck '57
  • Secretary-Treasurer: David P. Spalding '76
  • Executive Committee members: Marian Zischke Baldauf  '84, Veree Hawkins Brown '93, John S. Engelman '68, Ronald G. Harris '71, Kaitlin Jaxheimer '05, Otho E. Kerr III '79, and Ronald B. Schram '64

The petition slate of candidates includes:

  • President: J. Michael Murphy '61
  • First Vice President: Martin R. Boles '80
  • Second Vice President: Paul Mirengoff '71
  • Secretary-Treasurer: F. Marian Chambers '76
  • Executive Committee members: Frank Gado '58; Marjory Grant Ross '81; Zach Hafer '99; Alexander X. Mooney '93; Richard Roberts '83; John Steel '54; and Charles J. Urstadt '49, Tuck '51.

All Dartmouth alumni are eligible to vote. Alumni received a printed ballot at the end of April and can vote by mail or online. For more information about the election, visit or call (603) 646-2258.

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