Why We Give

Dartmouth's annual United Way Giving campaign is an opportunity for our community to come together in support of our neighbors and friends in the Upper Valley.

Volunteer opportunities are available at many of the agencies supported by Granite United Way and members of the Dartmouth community give of their time throughout the year. Volunteering experiences shape their understanding of the campaign's impact and the important work overall of the United Way.

Below we highlight the experiences of a small sample of members of the Dartmouth community who have volunteered at local organizations that receive support from the United Way. 


Carissa, a Dartmouth employee and WISE volunteer

Women's Informational Services (WISE)
Lebanon, New Hampshire

“Volunteering for WISE gives me hope that as a community we can overcome gender-based violence and not normalize it through victim-blaming and cultural norms. Volunteering continues to strengthen my sense of empowerment, something that victims of sexual and domestic violence can have taken from them. No phone call is the same, just as there is no one narrative to how people have their power stolen through victimization. Volunteering has shown me that domestic and sexual violence is far more prevalent than I could have imagined and that it can happen to anyone at any age. It can be isolating and confusing because of the shame and secrecy that still shroud it. Through volunteering, I get the opportunity to be a small light for someone who might need help finding their voice.”

Carissa Dowd, Office Manager, Student Wellness Center



Carissa, a Dartmouth employee and WISE volunteer

COVER Home Repair
White River Junction, Vermont

 “There are few things more important than living in a warm, safe, and dry house. I volunteer for COVER to not only contribute to a worthy cause, but to help promote the value of local non-profit work to the students I serve. Giving means we are fulfilling our obligations to do what we can to rebalance a system that does not support all of its citizens.”

Josiah Proietti, Assistant Director, Residential Education



Tracy, a Dartmouth employee and volunteer with Dismas

Dismas of Vermont
Hartford, Vermont

“I volunteer for Dismas because our community is important to me, and I want to be part of making it a strong, healthy, vibrant place for all of us. Dismas allows volunteers to be part of strengthening our ties as a community- in a number of ways. Folks who cook a dinner in the house or who serve on our board see the organization's impact on a concrete level. The Dartmouth United Way Campaign reminds me that I live in a place where people deeply care about their neighbors and community and that is a gift.”

Tracy Dustin-Eichler, Director, Dartmouth Center for Social Impact



Nicole, a Dartmouth employee volunteering at Hixon House

Hixon House
White River Junction

“When you go there, you sit with everyone who’s staying at The Haven and have dinner and talk. You learn about the different circumstances under which people have come to be there and how unique everyone’s situation is. I'm thankful for the support Hixon House receives through Dartmouth's annual United Way campaign because it means that this place, which I’ve come to care deeply about, is willing to consider the needs of and serve others." 

Nicole Westervelt, Senior Designer, Advancement Communications




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