Questions Ambassadors May Be Asked

As Ambassadors, you may receive specific questions about donating to the United Way. Below are some questions that have come up in the past. If you are asked a question that is not addressed here, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer it and add it to this list.

1. Who receives reminders from the United Way?

We send out a variety of reminders to the Dartmouth community throughout the campaign. All reminders are generic. The campaign wants to be sure that everyone knows the impact their potential donation could make.

2. Has the demand for funds from local United Way beneficiary agencies increased over the last few years?

According to the 2022 Granite United Way Community Health Needs Assessment, there is a growing need in the Upper Valley to address alcohol and drug misuse prevention and housing affordability.

3. Will I be able to use payroll deduction, even if I will not be at Dartmouth for the entire year? There does not seem to be a way to change the number of pay periods online.

Yes. The 12 months is there just to assist in the calculation if people want to elect an annual amount. You can enter a per pay period amount and that is what will be applied in payroll, regardless of the number of periods that you anticipate being paid. Please note, the payroll deductions are for calendar year 2023. The first deduction will be taken in January of 2023, so you should choose the appropriate per pay period amount to contribute the total amount you wish to contribute.

4. If you donated last year using payroll deduction, will that be carried over to this year?

No. You have to fill out a pledge every year. There is no rollover.

5. If we choose to designate our donations to specific charities in the Upper Valley, how much is the fee?

If you designate to a charity other than Granite United Way, there is a 5% fee for processing. This 5% also contributes to initiatives here in the Upper Valley, such as 2-1-1, and the Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA) program.