Mission Statement

The Dartmouth Department of Safety and Security is dedicated to the maintenance of a campus environment that supports academic excellence, independent thought, and cultural collaboration. Inherent in that mission is the belief that maintenance of a safe environment where all community members feel secure, welcome, and respected is the foundation on which a learning community can best achieve its ideals. The department is committed to being a cornerstone of that foundation by providing security and service to the community in a professional and responsive manner.

The Department of Safety and Security is committed to rendering service to the Dartmouth community that is consistently characterized by:

• Responsiveness, competent action and effective problem solving
• A commitment to partner with the Dartmouth community in the collective responsibility of helping to maintain the safety, security, and well being of our vibrant community
• Fairness, objectivity and compassion in carrying out the duties of the department
• Professional and courteous conduct in all areas of responsibility and in particular when engaging in the enforcement of college rules and regulations
• A firm belief that the welfare and safety of community members is our department's greatest concern and responsibility
• A positive, highly visible, and dependable presence throughout the campus and campus community, willing and able to assist the community at all times
• An unwavering commitment to Dartmouth College, its people, and the strength of its community