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At this time transports provided by DoSS will be as follows:
• Medical Transports for sudden illness or injury ONLY, will be provided 24 hours a day to DHMC.
     -A medical need and a preliminary COVID screening will be conducted by the College Health Services (Dick's House) to assess the need for the medical transport.
     -Riders will need to wear masks and gloves, and DoSS staff with take their temperature prior to getting in the vehicle.

• "SafeRides" will be provided to Undergraduate individual students (no groups) between 9 PM and 4 AM ONLY; they will be in the form of a Walking Escort by a uniform Security Officer.
     -Walking Escorts will be from a Dartmouth campus location to another Dartmouth campus location.
     -No Walking Escorts to approved social gatherings, private residences or off campus locations.
Note: Safety and Security often needs to respond to simultaneous multiple calls for service and emergencies on campus, hence Walking Escorts may take some time depending of the volume of calls.