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Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration Form

Bicycle Rules and Regulations

Bicyclists must obey all rules of the road which apply to motor vehicles including keeping to the right and observing all traffic control signs, one-way street, etc. This requirement is a State law and will be enforced by citations and summonses to Court for violations. Bicyclists are urged to contact the Hanover Police Department for more information

Parking: Students may park their bikes during the day at any of the many bike racks located throughout the campus. At night, bikes may be left in the outside bike racks or in one of the indoor areas designated for bike storage in the residence halls and clusters.

Students may not park their bikes in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways, other accesses, or at any other posted sites. Bikes found in those areas will be removed at the owner's expense and fines may be assessed. Cut locks will not be replaced by the college.

Registration: A free bicycle registration is required and is available at the Department of Safety and Security: such registration assists in the recovery of a bicycle if it is lost or stolen. It will also provide proof of ownership when you reclaim it.

To register your bike please bring in the following information:

  • Make (Manufacturer's Name)
  • Model
  • Color(s)
  • Number of Speeds
  • Serial Number (usually found on the bottom of the frame between the pedals)
  • Value (Either purchase cost or replacement value)
  • Type (mountain, road bike, hybrid, race bike)

Accompanying your registration please include a side view photo of your Bicycle, submitted via email to Safety and Security. 

Most bike thefts at Dartmouth occur due to the following:

  • An unlocked bike is taken (borrowed) for a quick means of transportation, and it doesn't get returned.
  • A valuable bike, locked to itself with a good lock is carried away to a waiting vehicle.
  • Any bike locked with an inexpensive lock (chain/cable) is cut with bolt cutters and ridden away.

Reduce your chance of being a victim by locking your bike to an immovable object with a good lock.

Bicycle and Micromobility Vehicle (MMV) Registration