Safety Tips

Safety Tips to Help you Take Charge of Your Own Safety

  • Be alert and walk purposefully. Stay alert to what is going on around you.
  • Travel, walk or park in well-lit areas and with a companion whenever possible. Avoid lonely or gloomy places,especially at night. Whenever possible try to walk facing traffic. Exercise with a friend. Use the Safety and Security Escort Service (646-4000). Ask anyone that gives you a ride to wait until you have safely entered your building.
  • Respect your intuition. Don't allow rationality to override your "gut feeling" - it could protect you from danger. Call the Safety and Security Department immediately if you feel something is just not right.
  • Be wary of strangers, on foot or in cars, asking directions - it's better to be rude than to be in trouble.
  • If someone follows you, go to a place where there are other people, and call the Department of Safety and Security immediately.
  • When someone knocks on your door always ask "who is it" before opening the door.
  • Be careful about giving out information concerning yourself and where you live.
  • Be cautious when using elevators. Stand near the buttons and get off immediately if you are suspicious of other occupants.
  • Take a self-defense course. For details of courses available on the Dartmouth Campus, contact one of the following people for more information on course schedules:

Personal Safety in Residential Halls

  • Lock your door when you are at home, lock your door when you are away, please lock your door always!
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately, including anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Pull the shades to your room at night and lock your windows.
  • Watch out for each other! Report any sign of forced entry. Do not go in. Instead, go to a safe place and call the Safety and Security Department (646-4000)
  • Remember that there are thirty-one-emergency exterior telephones on campus. Please use them if you need them.
  • During book buy-back time, your books are like cash. Don't leave them unattended.
  • You can engrave items of value: computers, printers, dvd players, stereos, cameras, TV's etc. Borrow an engraver from the Safety and Security Department.
  • Attend a Crime Prevention Program - for details contact Sergeant Rebel Roberts by email or call 646-4000.
  • Make a copy of your I.D., license and credit cards and keep in a safe place.
  • If stolen, immediately notify Safety and Security at 646-4000, the Hanover Police Department at 643-2222 and the appropriate credit card companies.
  • Warm coats are targets for thieves at the parties and dining halls during winter months.
  • Alcohol Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Computer Security Tips