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Residential Operations

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101 McKenzie Hall
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Phone: 603-646-1203
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Bicycle Storage

Each resident hall is equipped with a bike rack for students to use. To ensure the racks are being used by those affiliated with the College, students must register their bikes, free of charge, with the Department of Safety and Security.

Please note that only registered bicycles can be stored in the bike racks and unregistered bicycles may be impounded. Also, bicycles parked or left in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways, or other important access points may be impounded and placed into Controlled Storage at the owner's expense. In addition, a $100 fire safety fine may be imposed.  Bicycles unclaimed after six months will be discarded. 

Registered bicycles may be stored in designated Controlled Storage facilities for a fee of $11 per bicycle per term.

Last Updated: 11/1/16