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Facilities Guidelines



At Dartmouth everyone is welcome to use bathrooms that best align with their gender identity.  The residence halls have a combination of public and single use bathrooms.

Care of Rooms

Students are expected to keep their rooms reasonably clean and orderly so as not to endanger the health and safety of themselves or others. If, after appropriate warning, a student does not maintain her/his room in reasonable order, he or she may be required to vacate the premises. If this occurs no rent refund will be offered and the student may be assessed a room cleaning charge. If at the end of a term a vacated room, suite, or apartment is left in such condition that it requires more than routine cleaning, a minimum charge of $50 will be assessed.


Residents are liable for any damage and/or loss to a residential facility or its furnishings. Whenever possible, repair or replacement costs will be assessed to the individual(s) responsible. Students are encouraged to report any information regarding specific acts of vandalism to their Assistant Director or to Residential Operations.


Residents may decorate their own rooms using the following guidelines. Map tacks, thumb tacks, and similar pins are recommended for hanging articles. Nails, screws, or other devices which leave large holes are not permitted, nor are contact paper, double-sided tape, wall gum, stickers, or other adhesive materials. No permanent alterations may be made to the room. Live or cut Christmas trees are prohibited in student rooms and common areas of undergraduate residential buildings.

Obligations of the College

The College will provide furnishings and utilities to its residences. It will provide maintenance for utilities under its control and will seek service for utilities it does not own. The College shall, within a reasonable amount of time and within its monetary resources, maintain its residences in good repair. An applicant may request repairs to his/her room and/or living unit by contacting Residential Operations. There will be no adjustment of housing fees in the event that the College is unable to restore services.

Room Furnishings

In all College owned or operated residential facilities, each resident is provided with a bed frame and mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet or wardrobe. In addition, student rooms are generally carpeted. All Residential Operation's supplied furniture is to stay in its designated room. The College does not provide storage space for room furnishings. Students are responsible for any furniture missing from their room at the end of the term.

Students are not permitted to leave their room furnishings in the common areas, hallways or corridors. Furniture found in any of these areas will be returned to the student's room and a $100 fine for obstruction of egress will be assessed to the student for each incident and may also result in possible disciplinary and/or civil action. Due to the damage they cause and the excessive labor required to remove them at the end of terms, the use of cinder blocks is prohibited in all College owned residential facilities. Students who have a medical need for furnishings or equipment other than those provided should contact the Housing Office to obtain information regarding an application and the requirements for medical documentation.

Room Inspections & Maintenance  (click on this link)

Room Keys

A room key is issued to each student assigned to a College owned residence. Students are responsible for picking up their key from the Housing Office and locking their rooms. Only one room key per occupant will be issued. Keys must be returned to the Housing Office or one of the remote key return sites located in North Mass, Topliff, New Hamp, Streeter, Gile, Judge, Maxwell, Hyphen, Fahey, Brace, Hinman Post Office, Hitchcock, Goldstein, Bildner, Safety & Security, Brown/Little lounge, Cutter/Shabazz, Lodge, Woodward, Wheeler, and Mid Fayerweather. When a room is vacated, failure to return the key will result in a $55 lock change charge. New or additional locks may not be affixed to doors. A key will be loaned to a student only when a Lock Change Request is filed and approved. Students must present photo identification in order to receive a room, kitchen locker or loan key.


Waterbeds are prohibited in all College-owned residential buildings.