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Room Inspection and Maintenance


Students moving into a new room are expected to complete a Room Inventory and Condition Form on Banner Student. Occupants should examine the room and submit the form within two weeks of first occupying the room. If a form is not submitted by the deadline, it will be assumed that the room is in excellent condition. The cost of repairing any damage or replacing any missing furniture that was not reported will be assessed equally to all occupants.

On a day-to-day basis, students can report maintenance issues by calling Residential Operations at 646-1203 during regular business hours. Emergency maintenance needs that cannot wait until the next business day can be reported to the College Troubleshooter at 646-2344 during evenings and on weekends.

The College typically inspects rooms to identify maintenance issues including but not limited to environmental, flooring, furniture, lighting, paint, windows, etc.  These inspections occur during the interim period between academic terms. When an inspection reveals a problem, the College will perform the necessary work.

Please note that the College reserves the right to enter and to inspect any room at any time to provide emergency service and/or general maintenance work, make safety or condition inspections, or investigate probable violation(s) of College regulations. If a room is entered when an occupant is not present, a notice may be posted on the door with the date, time, and purpose for which entry was made. College employees will lock the room door after the inspection or maintenance work is completed.

If an inspection reveals unreported damage, missing furniture or possible violations of College policy, the residents of the room will be notified and any applicable charges will be assessed and disciplinary action may be taken.