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Residential Operations

Hinman Box: 6111
101 McKenzie Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-1203
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Common area kitchens are found in every cluster and most independent halls. They are generally equipped with basic food preparation and storage equipment such as full-size refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, and food storage lockers.

Locker keys are available to residence hall occupants, on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning on the first day of classes each term. Only one locker key will be issued per student and students must present photo identification in order to receive a key. Kitchen locker keys must be returned to the Housing Office or one of the remote key return sites located in the Hopkins Center, McLane, Brown, Brace Commons, Butterfield/RS-Hyphen, North Mass, Streeter, Mid Fayer, Woodward, Topliff, The Lodge and Wheeler or the Department of Safety and Security.

Please note that failure to return a locker key in accordance with the End-of-Term-Closing Procedures will result in a $20 replacement charge.

Students are expected to clean up after using the common area kitchens. All food should be kept in closed containers and garbage disposed of immediately. Problems should be reported to the custodian.

Last Updated: 11/9/16