What to Bring

Before rushing out to buy anything, remember that most students will share a room with up to three other students. Prior to the move-in date, new students will receive your room assignment which will include the name(s) and contact information of those with whom they will be living.

Students should use this information to contact each other to begin creating a relationship, as well as to coordinate what items to bring. This will lessen duplication of larger items such as televisions and additional furniture that may potentially clutter the room.

Experience has shown us that students should bring only those items that are most essential. Once students have moved in, it is likely that there will be important items missing that were not brought from home or purchased in advance. Such items can be shipped to students at a later date or picked up locally. One of the wonderful things about housing at Dartmouth is that each room has its own particular configuration. As a result, waiting to purchase or receive some items after arrival is a wise decision. At that time students can be more confident that everything will fit, by measuring and creating a space for any additional items desired by all roommates.

Here is a list of suggested items that can be brought for comfort and convenience.

  • Bedding – Mattresses are 36" x 80" and require extra-long twin sheets.
  • Personal linens (towels, etc.) and something to carry personal items back and forth to bathrooms.
  • Laundry bag/basket
  • Surge protector/Power-strip – no two-wire extension cords
  • Alarm clock
  • Iron with auto-shut off feature
  • Coffee pot with auto-shut off feature  (UL listed for commercial use only)
  • Pictures, posters. (May be hung with map tacks or thumbtacks, or 3M Command fasteners, which are available at the Dartmouth Computer Store. Double-sided tape and adhesive gum are not allowed.)
  • Lamps – low wattage, LED, or compact fluorescent bulbs preferred. (Torchier-style halogen floor lamps or any halogen lamps of 100 watts or more are prohibited.)
  • Telephone (not 2.4 GHz as it interferes with the College's wireless network). Local and domestic long distance service (including Alaska, Canada and Hawaii) is provided. Students who need a phone should contact the Help Desk at (603)646-2999. 
  • Refrigerator – no larger than 3 cubic feet, Energy Star preferred
  • Bicycle and lock
  • Small storage units/milk crates for storage including sealable units for food storage

Students who have questions about any of the items listed above, or an item that does not appear on the list, should contact Residential Operations at residential.operations@Dartmouth.edu or 603-646-1203.