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Students: How to Order Official Transcripts

If you haven't created an account yet, visit the Creating your Account guide.

First, go to DartHub and select “Official Transcript” from the list of tiles. You will then be routed to the page below. If you have elected a Chosen Name, the option to select your Chosen Name will appear. If you have not elected a Chosen Name, only your Legal Name will appear.

Screenshot of the Transcript Request Page with Chosen Name notations

Click “Request a Transcript” to continue and follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Select Documents

If you haven’t created an account yet visit the Creating Your Account guide page. Select the destination of your transcript. You may search for destinations within the Parchment network, or if you are sending to yourself or another individual, select the smaller “I’m sending to myself…” link below the search bar. If you find your destination in the network, the recipient’s address information loads automatically.

Delivery Method

If you do not find your destination, select “I’m sending to myself or another individual” to add the email or physical address information manually.

Custom Destination

Next, select the delivery method you would like to use. Your options are electronic or mailed.

Type of Order

eTranscripts (no additional charge)

  • the fastest way to deliver an official transcript
  • processed and delivered within on business day
  • delivered in certifed PDF format via secure download

Note: email providers use filters to reduce spam. Verify that the recipient can receive email from Parchment (, Dartmouth’s eTranscript provider, to ensure their spam filter does not filter out your document emails.

Paper Transcripts

  • Processed within two business days; delivery time is dependent on the delivery method chosen
  • Delivery options and charges
    • USPS First-Class Mail - $5.00 each
    • USPS International - $10.00 each
    • FedEx express delivery - $27.50 each
    • FedEx International express delivery - $50.00 each

Step 2: Order Details

Provide additional order details based on the transcript type you have selected:


For electronic transcript orders the recipient’s name is displayed in the top box. Enter the recipient email address, twice in the fields displayed.

Electronic Order

Paper Transcript:

If you select a printed and mailed transcript, the recipient’s information is displayed. Please review this information before you proceed.

Print and Mailed

Note: If you selected AMCAS or another participating “CAS” organization as the recipient, include the transcript request form or cover sheet as an attachment. For AMCAS, the system will prompt you to provide your AAMC ID and AAMC Transcript ID after you select CONTINUE.



Step 3: Review Order

Review the contents of your order and make any necessary changes. If your request is for an eTranscript you can select when the transcript is sent out. Once you’ve reviewed your order you need to sign the request and type your full name.

Review Order

Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Dartmouth requires your consent to release your official transcripts to a third party. To proceed, read the consent statement and check the box next to it and click ‘CONTINUE’.

For more information about FERPA, see the FERPA Tutorial.


Step 4: Payment

Enter your payment method if necessary and confirm or change your billing address. Any charges will appear as “Parchment Inc.” on your credit card statement.


Step 5: Order Summary

Select ‘Complete Order’ to finalize your order.

Order Summary

Confirmation Page

You will receive emails to confirm receipt of your order, and to confirm that the order has been shipped. Direct any questions about the receipt of a transcript to the recipient of the transcript.

Last Updated: 5/17/23