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Exchange Program Transfer Credit

Dartmouth has several Exchange Programs with other institutions. These are considered Dartmouth-sponsored programs. Students apply for Exchange programs through the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education. If accepted into a program, students then apply to transfer specific courses to Dartmouth through the Dartmouth Registrar’s Office.

Deadlines and Steps

Step 1. Verify Deadlines

Completed applications to be accepted into an Exchange Program are due according to the program deadline dates listed by the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education. Transfer credit approval forms are due in the Registrar's Office by the final day of classes for the term that immediately precedes the term you plan to participate in the program (e.g., end of summer term for a fall term program).

Step 2. Request Course Pre-approvals

Once you have been notified of your acceptance into the program by the Guarini Institute, seek course pre-approvals from the appropriate departments/programs. Use the Transfer Credit Approval Form to indicate the specific courses you wish to transfer from the Exchange program institution. Note that this is only one step in the course approval process.

Step 3. Submit Your Transfer Credit Approval Form

Submit your transfer credit approval form to the Registrar’s Office for transfer credit pre-approval. Materials include:

  • Completed Transfer Credit Approval Form signed by the appropriate department/program Chair, or designated faculty member such as Vice Chair
  • Copy of DartWorks Degree Audit
  • Course syllabi from the other institution for each of the courses
  • Class meeting times and academic calendar (for verification of contact hours) from the other institution

It is the responsibility of each student to provide the needed information about the courses by the required deadline. A complete approval form and materials are required before the transfer credit can be reviewed for pre-approval.

Step 4. Transfer Credit Pre-approval Confirmation

A staff member in the Registrar’s Office verifies course information and contact hours upon submission of the Transfer Credit Approval Form to the Registrar's Office and notifies you of your course pre-approvals.

Step 5. When You Complete Your Program

Request that your Exchange program institution send your official transcript to the Dartmouth Registrar's Office. They can send a link to an official e-transcript to, or mail your official transcript to:

Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College

6014 McNutt Hall

Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Once the Registrar’s Office receives your official transcript, they will evaluate it alongside your transfer credit approval form. All eligible credits will be awarded to your Dartmouth transcript, and they will notify you by email.


Transfer Credit Requirements and


ORC/Catalog Off-Campus Activities: Transfer Credit from Other Institutions

  • Courses must be an integral part of a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate curriculum.
  • Transfer credit may potentially satisfy distributives, world culture, and, with department/program approval, major and minor requirements.
  • Course syllabi are required for faculty approval. Students obtain them from the transfer institution.
  • Courses must meet for a minimum of three weeks and for at least thirty contact hours (class meeting times), which does not include examination periods.
  • Only courses taken for a letter grade may transfer (no Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit options permitted), and a C or higher must be earned for credit to transfer.
  • Grades do not show on the Dartmouth transcript and do not compute in the Dartmouth grade point average.
  • Online courses, those given by extension programs, junior or community colleges or internship programs are not transferable. Students should be aware that some departments and programs have restrictive policies toward transfer credit.
  • Course changes. A student with approved plans for an Exchange program or transfer term at another institution, who finds after enrollment that an approved course is not available, may apply for approval of a substitute course. After the transfer term or Exchange program starts, it may be possible to substitute a course for one that was approved previously, but such approval is not guaranteed. Additional non-related courses are not approved. Students contact the Registrar’s Office to initiate such changes.



Where would I find class meeting times and the term calendar for courses at another institution?

While each institution may be different, generally this information is available on course syllabi and/or class schedules at the other institution. You may need to contact the Registrar’s Office at your Exchange program institution directly to find out the best way to obtain this information.


Who at Dartmouth can review and approve my transfer credit equivalencies?

Generally the Chair of the department/program approves transfer credit, however sometimes it is a designee such as a Vice Chair. If you are not sure, contact the appropriate department/program administrator. A faculty member’s signature, however, is required.


Now that I have faculty signatures for my courses, is my approval form complete?

Department/program course approval is only one step in the process. Not all faculty-approved courses meet the eligibility requirements after further evaluation. For example, the course might not meet the minimum contact hour requirement. If this is the case, the Registrar’s Office will contact you.


Can I get transfer credit for business courses that are similar to the undergraduate Tuck 1, Tuck 2, or Tuck 3 courses, or for graduate level courses?

The COI determined that the transfer of courses equivalent to TUCK 001, 002, 003 is allowed as long as TUCK 001, 002, 003 courses count towards the required 35 credits necessary for the A.B. Degree, and the Tuck school provides a content reviewer for transfer credit.


Can I fulfill my language requirement with transfer credit?

Transfer credits cannot satisfy the foreign language requirement.


Students may transfer up to four (4) credits to Dartmouth throughout their academic career. Does this limit of four (4) transfer credits include pre-matriculation transfer credits? If I have any of those, can I still apply to participate in an Exchange program?

Yes, you can still apply, although the limit of four (4) transfer credits includes all credits earned from pre-matriculation, Exchange programs, and transfer terms. Therefore you may transfer back to Dartmouth only those credits that keep you within the limit of four (4) transfer credits total on your record.


Do I need to change my D-plan if I am accepted into an Exchange program?

No. If the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education accepts you onto an Exchange program, they notify the Registrar’s Office who will change your D-Plan to reflect this status.


Am I eligible for Financial Aid while I am on the Exchange program?

Check with the  Financial Aid Office.


Do I need to pay a transfer term fee?

No. The transfer term application fee is not assessed for participation in an Exchange program.


Travel Resources

  • Dartmouth encourages students to view the Dickey Center for International Understanding’s helpful traveler resource videos. While Dartmouth expects students to conduct themselves appropriately, students who attend an Exchange program are subject to the rules and regulations of the program on which they participate.

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