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Spring 2020 Student FAQ

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)



Policy Changes



Paper-Based Services


How do I get help using Canvas or Zoom?

See ITC's Canvas: Request General Support article.

Are there any dates on the spring term 2020 calendar that have changed?

Yes, however, none of them are changes in faculty policy, rather slight changes in the dates to support the Dartmouth community during the global health crisis.  See spring 2020 term calendar.

Policy Changes

Where do I find information on any policy changes for spring 2020?

We will list any policy changes for spring 2020 in the FAQ and use other means of communication to the Dartmouth Community.

Will students receive a letter grade for courses delivered remotely for 2020 spring term?

Students receive a grade of credit/no credit for all of their spring term courses.  A modified Credit/No Credit policy applies to courses earned spring term 2020 only.

How will Latin honors be determined?

The Committee on Instruction has determined that there will be no changes to Latin Honors eligibility for spring 2020.  Student’s eligibility for Latin honors uses the cumulative GPA rounded to the second decimal place which appears on the student’s official transcript. Please note that normal rounding is used, where digits 1-4 round down and 5-9 round up. Find helpful information in the Honors and in the Scholarship Ratings section of the ORC/Catalog.

Will there be any notation on my transcript that indicates that spring 2020 was an unusual term, and that all courses were graded Credit/No Credit?

 Yes, it will read: Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak,  Mandatory Alternate Grades (CT/NC) in effect for Spring 2020.

Is the PE requirement waived for spring term 2020?

The College has suspended the requirements of a successful swim test and all remaining physical education credits for those undergraduate students who are graduating in June and have not yet met these requirements. It may take several days for the requirement to show as complete on your degree audit.

I plan to attend Medical School – have they made any adjustments due to the Global Health Crisis?

Medical schools are aware of the challenges facing applicants during this unprecedented time. See the Guidance on Grading and Transcript Notations in the AMCAS Application for information on the potential impact of alternative grading policies on applicants’ cumulative and BCPM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math) GPAs. Check with Pre-Health Advising that has established a site for information about COVID-19 impacts.

I plan to attend Law school – have they made any adjustments due to the Global Health Crisis?

Law schools are aware of the challenges facing applicants during the global health emergency. For further information, visit the LSAT coronavirus update page.

Will medical schools be flexible with core courses switching to pass/fail?

Many medical schools have indicated that they will be flexible with adjustments made during the global health emergency.

How will the global health emergency affect MCAT testing?

We have been informed that March 27 and April 4 MCAT exam administrations have been cancelled globally.


Will the add/drop period be the same dates, or will there be changes?

At this time there are no planned changes.

How do I know what time courses meet spring 2020?

Many courses will meet at the times listed on the Timetable of Courses.  Some courses will say “ARR” (arranged) and you will need to contact the instructor.  If you find that a course is not meeting at the time listed, ask the instructor to contact the Registrar’s Office and we will change it on the Timetable.

How many courses may I take spring 2020?

The course load policy has not been altered.

Do I need to be enrolled in a minimum of 2 courses, as well as keep within my limits of a 2-course term spring 2020?

Yes, this policy has not changed.

Can I repeat a course in a future term if I receive a grade of NC in spring 2020?

Yes, however, the NC will remain on your transcript. From the ORC/Catalog:

A student who has failed a course may elect it again. In this situation, both of the grades are recorded and hence both are included in the cumulative average; only one course credit is earned. The same general principle applies to Credit/No Credit courses.

Can I audit a Dartmouth course spring term 2020?

Only students who are enrolled through Banner and have a spring 2020 “R” term may participate in spring 2020 courses. We are well over our usual number of students with an “R” term this spring and are limiting any additional enrollments. There are also already Zoom challenges and the infrastructure is under strain.

Is it possible that the general education requirements listed for my courses will change when courses move online?

Yes. Some courses may need to satisfy different distributives or world culture distinctions than originally listed due to the shift to remotely delivered coursework. This is the case for some lab courses, for example, the SLA distributive could possibly change to SCI. If a course’s general education attribute is changed to better represent a remotely delivered format, instructors will notify the students enrolled, and the change will be visible on the Timetable of Class Meetings.

Will the distributives and world culture requirements listed on the Timetable for spring 2020 fulfill general education requirements?

Yes, they will fulfill general education requirements as usual.

When can students view the final list of classes for the 2020 spring term?

Class changes will be a continuous process until just before add/drop opens. We recommend that students check the Timetable frequently for the most up-to-date information.


I don’t have an “R” term for spring. Can my professor add me to their course through Canvas since courses are delivered remotely?

No, only students with an “R” term for spring 2020 may register for spring 2020 courses.  Students must register in Banner to receive credit.

I would like to change my D-Plan for spring term, but I cannot make the change on DartHub. How can I make the change?

March 23 we entered all the D-plan change requests we had received.  We no longer can change student D-plans to “R” for spring 2020 given space constraints, however we can continue to change students to a leave term “L” from “R”.  Students who want to change from “R” to “L” should email the registrar’s office at

 Can I take a transfer term in 2020 spring instead of enrolling in Dartmouth courses? Will the standard transfer term policies be adjusted?

Yes, to comply with the directive against international or domestic travel, students may take a course delivered remotely by another institution if they are not enrolled in Dartmouth spring 2020 term.  See spring 2020 transfer term resources for some options.

Spring 2020 transfer term policies and procedures are modified due to the global health event.  Note that many of these schools have also decided to offer their courses on a pass/fail basis.

May I enroll in a course at another institution and receive transfer credit if I am also enrolled in Dartmouth courses?

Students taking remote Dartmouth courses this spring must have an “R” for their d-plan and be enrolled as a full-time student (at least two courses) at Dartmouth. We report all full-time enrolled students to the National Student Clearinghouse to comply with federal reporting. Therefore, students taking remote Dartmouth courses spring 2020 are not eligible to also take a transfer term this spring.

When can first-year students elect their D-plans?

First-year student can elect their D-Plan on DartHub starting April 21 through May 8.

Paper-Based Services

May I send mail to the Registrar’s Office?

Any request or inquiry sent to our office via postal delivery services (USPS, USP, FedEx, etc.) will experience significant delays.

I fall into the category of students who are unable to order an electronic transcript.  Is it possible for me to receive a paper transcript?

Given the NH stay-at-home order, all staff are working remotely.  Therefore all document delivery is electronic.

May I mail-in my request for enrollment verification or Apostille at this time?

We are currently unable to process any paper-based requests. All processes are currently electronic.

  May I obtain a customized enrollment verification or Apostille at this time?

Standard electronic enrollment verifications are available through the National Student Clearinghouse. We are currently unable to process any paper-based requests for customized verifications or Apostilles.

Last Updated: 6/18/20