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Spring 2020 Credit/No Credit Policy

The following modification to the Credit/No Credit course policy applies to undergraduate courses spring 2020 term only.

Spring term 2020 undergraduate courses are offered on a Credit/No Credit basis. All students receive a final grade of CT (Credit) or NC (No Credit) in each of their courses. A grade of NC is defined as failure to complete the course satisfactorily according to criteria announced by the instructor at the beginning of the term. Such a course will be counted, if the grade is CT, toward the minimum of thirty-five needed for graduation. Courses earned spring 2020 may be used to satisfy a General Education requirement and counted toward the Major Requirement.

Courses under this system carry no grade units and are not used in establishing a cumulative average. If a student receives a grade of NC, the course is recorded as such, and the student will not receive credit for the course. As in regularly graded courses, there can be a temporary standing of Incomplete.

The grade of Credit (CT) earned spring 2020 will not be counted against the usual total of 27 required letter grades that students must have on their record or use of the NRO option in future terms.

Last Updated: 10/31/22