Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Class of 2025: Incoming Students and Families/Supporters

Remember to check back often; we will continually update this page as new information becomes available, or as new questions arise.

Please contact New Student Orientation if there is a question/answer we could add that you think would be helpful to new students and their families!

Arrival, Move-In, and COVID testing

Families and Supporters

Rosh Hashanah

Other Important Information

When can I move into my residence hall? Is this the same thing as arriving to campus? 

Yes! Your arrival to campus is the same as move-in day. Unless you are a pre-season athlete or participating in a pre-orientation program (FYSEP’s Summer Session, International Student Pre-Orientation, and Native and Indigenous Student Pre-Orientation), you should move into your residence hall on Friday, September 3 by 5:00 pm ET in order to participate in a First-Year Trip and New Student Orientation.


Can I arrive on campus earlier than Friday, September 3 or begin to move in before Friday, September 3? 

Students cannot arrive or access their residence halls before Friday, September 3, unless you are a pre-season athlete or participating in a pre-orientation program. Arrival and move in will take place on Friday, September 3.


What time can I arrive on campus to move-in? 

Instructions and further information about move-in will be provided at a later date to all students.


When should I move into my residence hall if I do not plan to participate in a First-Year Trip?

We are excited to work with all students to accommodate their needs and find a space in which they feel confident and comfortable participating in First-Year Trips. We encourage all students to take part, but know that ultimately some students may choose not to participate or be unable to participate in First-Year Trips. Those students should plan to arrive on Tuesday, September 7 by 4:00 p.m. ET, and cannot arrive earlier than Tuesday, September 7.


Can my family/supporters help me move-in?

Yes! Up to 3 family members or friends can help you move-in (no more than 3). Further instructions to be provided.


How long should families/supporters plan to remain on campus? 

Families and supporters should say goodbye before 5 p.m. on Friday, September 3. Beginning at 5 p.m., incoming students will be busy with First-Year Trips, New Student Orientation, and joining their new community.


Will there be programs and events for families and supporters on Friday, September 3? 

Yes! Families and supporters will have an opportunity to take part in some programs on September 3 before 4:00 p.m. A schedule can be found on the Families and Supporters webpage.


What should I bring to campus?

Check out this list from Undergraduate Housing (scroll down the page) for a list of what to bring (and what not to bring). 

Please note: mattresses are extra long (XL) twin sized.  XL twin bedding is available at many retailers that sell bedding. 


When will First-Year Trips take place?

The First-Year Trips program will take place after all incoming students have arrived on campus in two sections integrated into the New Student Orientation schedule. We are excited to work with all students to accommodate their needs and find a space in which they feel confident and comfortable participating in First-Year Trips. We encourage all students to take part in the First-Year Trip program.


Rosh Hashanah 2021 will begin in the evening of Monday, September 6 and end in the evening of Wednesday, September 8. Who can I contact with questions about celebrating this important holiday during First-Year Trips and New Student Orientation? 

Please email New Student Orientation if you have questions about the schedule for First-Year Trips and New Student Orientation during Rosh Hashanah.


Will there be COVID-19 testing requirements upon arrival?

Yes. Please see this website for more information.


What will my new address be? Once I have my address: When can I mail packages to myself to be picked up when I arrive on campus?

Your individual address here at Dartmouth will be sent to you in late July/early August with your housing assignment.

Your Hinman mailbox will be located on the first floor of the Hopkins Center ("Hinman" is the name of our mail service).

Once you receive your new address, you should address packages to yourself in the following format:
Student name
Dartmouth College
XXXX Hinman (XXXX will be the actual number of the student Hinman Box)
Hanover NH 03755

Students wishing to send belongings in advance of their arrival may do so once they have received their Hinman Box assignment, and should address items to themselves, using the format above.

Shipment may be made by U.S. mail or by a shipping company such as Airborne, United Parcel Service, or Federal Express, so long as the shipment meets the companies' limits on the size and weight of packages that can be handled.

Freight shipments (by truck) will not be accepted.

Parcels and packages shipped to students are received at the Hinman Mail Center in the Hopkins Center for distribution.

You will receive an email from SQYBX@donotreply.com when your package is ready for pick-up at the Hinman Pick Up Window. Please make sure to bring your Dartmouth ID when you go to retrieve your package.

Once classes begin: Packages, both domestic and international, will be returned after 15 days of receipt.

Special hours for move in:

  • September 1 -3 - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday, September 4 - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Regular hours for fall: see the Hinman Mail Center website


Can first-year students have cars on campus?

First-year students are not permitted to bring a privately-owned vehicle to campus.  If a rare exception to this policy is needed for emergency, medical or family reasons, please contact Transportation Services for an application.


How and when do I elect courses? 

First-year students elect fall term courses on Friday, September 10 during New Student Orientation. Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor to help in making course election decisions. Students will also attend group advising workshops during New Student Orientation to support the decision-making process.

Your undergraduate dean will also support you in the process of course election.

Additionally, department and program chairs, individual professors, and upper-level student advisors serve as course election resources.

Course elections are made online and changes may be made during an add/drop period.


What is the best way to TRAVEL to Hanover?

By Air:

There are several different airport options.

By Bus:

Dartmouth Coach offers bus service from Logan Airport and South Station in Boston; it takes about 3 hours to get to campus and delivers students to a bus stop on campus.

For students coming from New England or New York, there is a Greyhound bus station in White River Junction, VT (10 minute drive from campus).

The Dartmouth Coach also offers bus service to campus from New York City.

By Train:

Amtrak services White River Junction, VT. The train station is a 10 minute drive from campus.

By car:

Driving routes to Hanover, New Hampshire via I-89 and I-91, as well as information on regional airports, trains, and bus service, are available on this website.