Internal Data and Reporting


Student Data Mart

OIR develops and maintains the OIR Data Mart, comprised of a static set of institutional data extracted at the same points in time each year.  Such data are critical to longitudinal reports and analyses, and help assure that consistent data are used in the variety of reports that are produced for internal and external audiences.

The OIR Data Mart consists of numerous Oracle data tables.  Data are extracted from relevant student tables four times a year on the following general schedule:  Fall-date closest to October 15 that falls during the work week, Winter, Spring and Summer—2 weeks after the beginning of the quarter.  These dates are set by OIR in conjunction with the Undergraduate Registrar’s Office. The dates for the 2008 - 2009 Academic year are:

    • Summer 2008 - July 9, 2008
    • Fall 2008 - October 15, 2008
    • Winter 2009 - January 15, 2009
    • Spring 2009 - April 15, 2009

Contact Lynn Foster-Johnson for more details.

Survey Data

OIR maintains electronic files of surveys in which Dartmouth was a participant.  Contact Lynn Foster-Johnson for more details.


OIR produces numerous reports on a variety of topics.   Most requests for data may be answered by utilizing the information provided in these reports.

Common Data Set

Fact Book

Dartmouth College Facts and Figures

Enrollment Census

The Enrollment Census Report is produced four times a year for the Dartmouth student population.  The enrollment census report is shared with registrars, the Enrollment Committee, and senior administrators.

Employee Census

The Employee Census Report is produced four times a year for the Dartmouth employee population.  The faculty/staff census is shared with senior administrators and the department of Human Resources.

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