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Survey Research

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) administers and/or coordinates surveys on a wide-range of topics important to the Dartmouth community.  While certain surveys are conducted in conjunction with outside consortia, others are conducted independently.  Many of these surveys are administered on a fairly regular basis and target various Dartmouth populations, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents.

These surveys of the Dartmouth community provide the institution with essential feedback on the educational, academic and/or work experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and parents and the results are carefully considered by our faculty, senior officers, and the board of trustees.

Dartmouth has a Qualtrics site-wide license available for use by all students, faculty, and staff.   If you require assistance with your survey project, please complete and return this form to OIR.

Links to various survey results are below.

Community Surveys

Survey on living, learning, and working at Dartmouth. In addition to helping us understand the experiences of our faculty, students, and staff, the findings help us develop specific actions and initiatives to strengthen the campus environment.

Student Surveys

Surveys examining the attitudes and experiences of college students (undergraduate and graduate/professional students) with respect to sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

Freshmen are surveyed on a range of topics before they arrive on campus. The topics include high school activities, expectations of the college experience, college finances, attitudes, values, life goals, and reasons for attending Dartmouth.

The Senior Survey gives graduating seniors a chance to reflect on their Dartmouth experience and to share their views.  The feedback from this survey informs decisions about the College's academic mission and campus life.

Undergraduates awarded a degree between July 1 and June 30 of a given academic year complete this survey when picking up academic regalia.  The survey asks about future plans, including further education and employment.

The Enrolled Student Survey (ESS) examines day-to-day student activities, modes of student-student and student-faculty interactions, student use of institutional resources, and environmental factors that relate to engagement.

The Dartmouth Health Survey asks questions regarding general health; personal safety including sexual, physical and relationship violence; alcohol and other drugs; sexual health; weight, exercise and nutrition; mental health; health and academic performance; and health and student life. This report presents key findings by section, including Dartmouth trends over time as well as National College Health Assessment (NCHA) comparisons, where applicable.

A Dean of the College survey administered annually to better understand the campus living experience of undergraduate students at Dartmouth. The 2014 survey covered topics such as students’ space and surroundings, alcohol use, caring about community, and advising.

Faculty Surveys

Staff Surveys

Parent Surveys

Alumni Surveys