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Data and Reporting

A primary function of the OIR is the provision and management of institutional data.   OIR serves as the office of record, operating as the primary point of contact for internal and external requests for institutional data.

Internal Data and Reporting

OIR is the main source for requests for data and information from college offices.  OIR produces numerous reports containing commonly requested information about the college.  OIR also creates and manages an institutional data mart that is used for official point-in-time reports.  OIR maintains two primary reports containing basic information about Dartmouth College.

Common Data Set

Fact Book

Dartmouth College Facts and Figures

External Data and Reporting

OIR is the principal contact for data and information requests from external agencies.  OIR responds to external requests for data using existing institutional reports.  OIR coordinates data requests from external parties and, where necessary, will either forward the data request to the responsible department or work with the department to respond to the request.